35 Weeks Pregnant…. Oh My Stars!

Today week 35 has begun.  I can’t believe I have made it this far!  It took a long time, and yet it seems like it took no time at all.

We are in the Month of March – weather has been in the 70s and 80s, more sunshine days than not, flowers blooming, and pollen covering everything!

Jon left to go back to sea this past week, and when he is home again – the baby will be arriving.  It was our last time with him home where it is just him and I – A little scary!

We have gotten to see some FANTASTIC concerts this last couple weeks.  A wonderful Leon Russell show and a rocking George Thorogood show!  Baby Girl Merz has been to Dead & Company, Leon, and Thorogood  in utero….. not too shabby! That doesn’t even count the good local jazz we caught up the road from us on a few evenings out together!

The weekend before he let for work, Jon went to Suwannee Springfest and got a little festival camping in with even more good music.  He also came home with a tie dyed dress with a heart on it that he got for the baby, a gift batik dress for the baby from some friends, and a necklace from a friend and vendor for me.

While he was home this time we finished the nursery up, organized the attic, did a lot in the yard and garden, painting, and he leveled the house a bit more too.  A very productive and a very busy time home – but it was a wonderful time as well.

My father is still in and out of the ICU, and they are still trying to find out what is wrong.  It is horrible that I can’t be there to help him or do anything…. but I know I cannot drive that far, and I can’t be in these hospitals…. but…. it is hard.

Oh, enough of this rambling….  Here is our little check in:

How far along? 35 weeks starts today!

Stretch marks? Still (and VERY surprisingly) not too much happening here.  The area of suspect around the belly button have gotten to  be more noticable, and will most likely become a big mark or two – but it isn’t really something to be called a stretch mark at this point.  Even Jon agreed.

Sleep:  Oh this is a rough one.  I am not sleeping well, up a couple times a night from either being uncomfortable, the indigestion making me choke, or having to pee.  But when I do sleep – a couple hours here and there – I do sleep deeply.  Still it is interrupted and I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach again one day!

Best moment:  Hmm….well I loved the concerts, and I loved getting stuff completed with Jon – but I would say it would be the Charleston Baby Shower I had thrown by my friends Hailey and Brooke.  Getting gifts is nice, but I really mostly enjoy socializing with my friends.  Everyone is so busy and has so much going on that an excuse to get 10-20 friends together at once to laugh and share is wonderful to me.

Miss anything?   I am still having a difficult time becoming more limited in what I can do physically.  I miss doing any activity without getting winded, being in pain, or having to stop and rest my feet/legs. Putting on pants like a normal person is also something I miss.

Movement:  Kicks, punches, and all baby movement is getting less and less endearing and more and more painful.  The movements are still more intense in the late afternoons/evenings… but it is very much taking place throughout the day.   Beginning of week 33, I saw the first foot or fist or elbow punching out and moving along my stomach — and it hasn’t stopped since!  So freaky, so amazing – kinda uncomfortable. I am also beginning to feel like certain areas of my stomach are tender and bruised, although not bruised on the outside, it feels bruised from the inside.  The kicks or punches are seeming to be consistent on the left side of my stomach, a hard bump up under my right rib area feels like a butt,  and fluttering type movement in the pelvic area…. this has been pretty typical since week 33.  Doctor says she is appearing to be head down – mostly a bit pointed south west than directly south so…. hopefully she stays in this area, and does not flip around again as we go on to the end.

Food cravings:  It has been interesting!  Lately I have craved a lot of fruit – pears, apples, and grapes.  In the last several days I have been craving popsicles and melted ice….it is the crunching and the hydration I think I am craving;  I’m not sure.  I will fill a pint glass with ice amd leave it there to melt for a while, then eat the ice!  But I know it can also be a sign of anemia so I will have to ask my OB about it at the next appointment.

Symptoms: I guess the swelling, aching, and the uncomfortable/painful everything.

Belly button in or out?   You know….. I don’t know how it is happening but that thing is still in there. Still close to the surface but has not popped.  I am so glad about it – but also shocked!

Wedding rings on or off?  Off still. Swelling is really happening now.  Feet and ankles… hands…. face… it is not my favorite. Some days there isn’t too much swelling, maybe a bit in the feet if I am on my feet too much.  Then some days, I am blown up all over.  It’s weird but I guess it is just what is happening now.

Happy or moody most of the time:   I think I have been pretty happy, but I am getting to be more short tempered with the stress of my dad’s health and my constant physical discomfort.

Looking forward to:  The next few weeks passing by and having the baby (even though I am equally scared of this) …. and then having some lovely glasses of wine!

30 some days and counting now…..


31 Weeks…. and Counting Down

I have done a couple pregnancy check ins, and here is another one as we begin the final countdown.

It has been a very rough month, February.  We had to put down our sweet dog Monkey (whom I rescued when I was 24 years old, and I am 37 now), my father spent 2 separate weeks in the ICU getting diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease and getting a total of 8-10 units of blood total in the 2 visits…. It has been stressful for me.

Jon just returned back home from sea and we have been doing a lot of work (him, mainly, of course) on errands here at the house to prepare for spring and the baby.

And now we have about 8 weeks remaining…

Here is our little check in:

How far along? 31.5 weeks

Maternity clothes:  I still do not have many maternity clothes…. nothing has changed there. The weather is getting warmer and tank tops and yoga pants or maternity jeans are doing just fine.

Stretch marks? Not much, but that area around my belly button I have mentioned before, It is looking like a nice reddish stretch mark or two will come from that.  Lotion, drinking water…. trying to keep them away.

Sleep:  Well…. sleep is better in some ways.  When I sleep, I am in a nice deep sleep.  But I awake a lot through the night – to pee, to try to get comfy, too hot, too cold…. and the still consistent monster – HEARTBURN. Charlie Horses are still troublesome – but have cut down significantly in occurrence. I am glad of that!

Best moment this week:  To be honest…. its been a rough week. Hard to say.  It is great that Jon came home within the last few days. It was great to have my friends, Amanda and Lorri, come spend a weekend with me over Valentine’s weekend.  I enjoyed my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle David stopping by on their return to Virginia from Florida for a little bit.  The baby’s movements have become more frequent, and often painful/very uncomfortable.  I can watch my stomach moving from side to side or seeing a kick or punch, rather than just feeling it.

Miss anything?   I am having a difficult time becoming more limited in what I can do physically.  I miss doing any activity without getting winded or having to stop and rest my feet/legs.

Movement: Kicks, punches, head turns (I think that is what I am feeling) and twirls.  More and more regular movement in the day — but still busiest in the evening.

Food cravings:  I went for 2 weeks craving cereal…. Lucky Charms mainly. Honey Nut Cheerios and Raisin Nut Bran as well.

Symptoms: Simply the growth.  My stomach has grown rapidly…. and continues to do.  My face has gotten the Moon Pie swelling, the top of my abdomen under the breast area has a long area of numbness, and the feet/lower legs hurting after standing or walking for more than 10 mins at a time is a big one.

Belly button in or out?   Barely still in… Barely.  I am so grossed out.  The Turkey timer will bust any day now I can tell… and what a sad day for me that will be.

Wedding rings on or off? On still… but I had to take them off a couple times….. I think soon they will be off.  Probably the same time the belly button pops.

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy, just frustrated with my limitations.

Looking forward to:  I don’t know…. I think just getting to the end of pregnancy and having the baby here.  A Charleston area shower will be coming up shortly, and I look forward to that.

That’s all for now!