About Us


I decided to create this blog after Jon & I began a new adventure just a 2 days after Christmas Day 2011:  Living in Charleston.  Being further away from our family & friends, having adventures, being weird, and needing once place to document it.  Not only our own memories/entertainment – but one place to easily share with all who might have interest or want to laugh at/with us.

It is a interesting life we lead at times, or so I am told by our friends & family.  They seem to enjoy hearing our silly thoughts and adventures. It is interesting being partnered up with a professional sailor, and perhaps it’s interesting for him to be partnered up with a neurotic goofball like myself!

Anyway – Just a spot to put our stories/memories/experiences down for sharing, for reference, and just for the fun of it.   Plus – I might get bored and need a place to put a silly thought, interesting recipe, or crazy thing I come across on the interwebz.  For example:


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