29 Week Check -In for Baby Girl 2

During my pregnancy with Shenandoah, I had a lot more time and I was feeling a little healthier….. so I had time to make a couple pregnancy check-in posts by this time.  I’m behind, but!, I shall attempt to catch up now!!

This entire pregnancy, even though I have felt rough, the baby has checked in healthy and fantastic throughout.  She looks like she will also be a long baby!  We may have 2 very tall girls on our hands!!

It’s kind of wild to think that our family of 3, which we are all just finally getting used to the flow of, will soon be four.  An entire new dynamic! So, as the dust finally settled from the first 2 years, we shall disrupt things again and see where it all falls – in JUST 8-11 WEEKS!! Whoa!

Okie Dokie – here we go with the check-in…..

How far along? 29 weeks

Maternity clothes:  At this stage with Shennie, I hadn’t  gotten many maternity clothes.  Part of that was that I didn’t show/grow the same, but also because it was NOT the hot weather months here in Charleston. Little harder to hide in the sweaters and yoga pants when you are melting and sweating in 90+ degree weather.   So, I have had to get A LOT of maternity clothes this time…. UGH!  It is costly and, quite unfortunately, you can’t do much with them once you are done.  I have had to buy more shirts and shorts, but also more undergarments than before. I, also, had to get a maternity bathing suit.  Shenandoah loves the beach, and Jon wants to enjoy the water this summer — so I had to bite the bullet and get one.

Stretch marks? Not yet – but there are SEVERAL ares under watch!! There is something odd around my belly button, which I recall thinking the same in my last pregnancy – but I’m not sure.  I am lathering up with Cocoa butter, but I understand from many pals that you might not get any the first time ……. BUT the next time there are marks all about! EGADS!

Sleep:  I had much more insomnia and restless nights with the first.  This time it isn’t as bad.  Although, in my first trimester there was a LOT of insomnia, the 2nd and 3rd trimesters haven’t shown much of it.  Just an occasional might here and there – but overall pretty well.  Perhaps it is because I am extra tired chasing a toddler about all day.  I am, however, experiencing the following at night:

  1.  Horrible leg cramps/charlie horse pains that wake me up in so much pain I usually cry out. Had the same with Shennie, but they were more severe and more frequent with that pregnancy.  This time it is intense and painful, but not as much or as often.
  2. The massive, lump in the throat, reflex and heartburn.  I have had this day and night for months and months.  It doesn’t matter what I eat or drink, it is constant.  This is WAY worse and WAY more frequent then with the first.  Oh my stars, it is TERRIBLE!
  3. The all night dance party.  Shenandoah did the same thing.  one or two nights a week, it is an all night gymnastic disco event. It isn’t endearing, as much as it is disagreeable to my innards and stomach.

Best moment this week:  I am not sure if I can think of a best moment for the week…. But overall I think the BEST moments are the ones when Shenandoah comes over to feel the baby moving and says “Baby sister is playing with me!!”, or when she give my stomach a kiss, a pat, or a hug and says “I love baby sister.” In the morning, she will often give Jon and I cuddles and kisses and she has begun to do that with the baby belly as well. Those moments are super sweet and I do love that.

Miss anything?   I have been frustrated with my limitations this time around.  I wasn’t this awkward and unable to do things at this stage last time. It is also more frustrating with an active toddler.  I miss long walks, bending over, sleeping on my stomach, and NOT WADDLING.

Movement: Kicks and twirls and jumps. Rolls and hiccups.  Very busy and moving baby!

Food cravings:  So, with Shenandoah – I was put on a protein diet and currently I am keeping a log for blood sugar and foods, because I failed the 1 hour glucose test.  I refused to take a 2 or 3 hour follow up test and chose to monitor at home.  Prior to this, I craved cereal and novelty ice cream.  So like, a bowl of ice cream or a shake grossed me out…. the very thought!  But I would love to have an ice cream sandwich or a cone or a good humor type ice cream.  In the first trimester, I was so ill and all I wanted was potatoes of any kind, plain rice or noodles…. just bland foods. I couldn’t stomach veggies or salad until I was into the second trimester.  Now I can eat pretty well – but things like eggplant, squash, and zucchini….. NO WAY!!  I used to love those but… no no no NO!

Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks for a while now, waddling, not seeing as much of my feet, palpatations….. blah!

Belly button in or out?   Thank the Lord, it is still in! But, it is just a hair’s breadth away….. it is and was my true fear in both pregnancies. I can only pray it doesnt budge for the next 2 months.

Wedding rings on or off? Those bad boys have been off for a LONG time.  I was still wearing them in the first by this time, but no… they have been off for a few months. I am not seeing much swelling, but the weight gain came on early this time. Boooo!

Happy or moody most of the time:  Hmmmm….. I am neither.  I am just exhausted.  Drained.  I fell like a robot.  I do more annoyed with things… but again I think that is again just due to being drained and exhausted.

Looking forward to: Ok….. this probably won’t sound right…. but…. I am looking forward to the baby being born and not being pregnant.  This is not a good time.  I would say, other than that, I am REALLY looking forward to our first family vacation.  in about 2 weeks, we are going away for a full week!  We have done plenty of 3 or 4 day weekend trips, or a week to Virginia to our parents…. but this is a proper vacation which Jon and I have never taken… not even a honeymoon.  We are going to Chattanooga and Nashville! I am very excited even though I will be limited in my ability to move about, eat, and drink – but the outdoors, the history, the music, and all the new sights in family friendly towns will be a treat.  I have never been to either city, so that will be nice!

Well – That’s all for now!


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