What’s Shennie Doing?

You know…… I realize that I started this blog to document and share the adventures we were having in Charleston. The experiences, the guests, the history, things we eat, Jon’s overseas journeys, music we saw…. all of the fun! And I captured that for a good while!

And…. You know…. I realize that it all shifted with the expansion of our family. Pregnancies, babies, and all of that changed the focus and limited some of the previous adventures – but really it was just about having the time to do it all and write about it.

Now, this has sort of taken a new role….. documenting things I want to recall down the road about feelings and experience of being pregnant. I want to write about things about my kids so I can see how things may change and compare.

I want to write about all the fun and adventures, too! They will just be different. They will be boring sometimes, or whenever (if) I have the time to actually write anything down….

There is a lot of time that I was just not present here, as a result of my father’s death, a newborn, a husband at sea….. so there is a lot I missed out on mentioning here – but I’m gonna keep trying.

Maybe in a year or so we can get back to the silly and more interesting tales….MAYBE!



I have been thinking for some time that I’d like to make note about how Shennie is and who she is now, before the new baby arrives. Things she can do, things she likes, things she says…. just where she is in life while I am in the 3rd trimester. This is totally for me, and for her. I can’t pretend this will be some great blog post to anyone else, hahaha…. but that’s ok, right?

Shenandoah turned 2 on April 22. As I type this, she is 2 years and 3 months old. Here are her stats…..

39 inches tall and weighs 36 lbs.

Shenandoah has always been affectionate, and she is even more now. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and saying I LOVE YOU. Just a loving and sweet girl. Since she was a baby, she has always put her arm around my neck when she is sleepy, unwell, or sleeping near me – and as still does.

Shennie used to eat nearly everything we put in front of her – all veggies, fruits, meats, dairy, and grains. In the last few months, she has gradually begun to become a picky eater. This is difficult for me because i wasn’t prepared for such an abrupt change. I, also, worry if it my fault (along with her age) as I struggled with my diet for so long with this pregnancy. The thought of cooking and certain foods was too much to handle most days, so we ate very easy and bland foods. Shenandoah was eating veggies all the time (spinach, broccoli, carrots, avocados, zucchini, sweet potatoes, beans, etc etc), a variety of meat and fish – including venison! Now, she will still do well with fruits but no green veggies. All other veggies, mostly it is depending on her mood.


As is age-typical behavior, every meal is a guessing game. Things she loves and asks for seconds on one day, she will hate and cry the next. She is working on her control and independence – and meals is the main way she has be practicing this.

Practicing her independence is taking other forms as well, like picking out her own clothes, putting on her shoes, cleaning up, feeding the dogs and chickens, and similar activities. The phrase, “I do it by MYSELF!” is heard a great deal these days.


She enjoys brushing her teeth, even though I have to do it for her after her turn at it. She LOVES bath time, but ABHORS having to get her hair washed.

She can count to 12 perfectly, and has just begun to practice counting backwards from 5. She is working on the ABC’s.

She loves Peppa Pig. She loves Ben & Holly’s Kingdom. She enjoys Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mickey Mouse cartoons, Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss, Jetsons, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Matlock, and…. I don’t know how or why but…. she enjoys watching Botched. She calls is “the Doctor Show”.

She LOVES reading books. She Loves to read to herself, and to have a book read to her.

She LOVES singing songs, nursery rhymes, and silly songs. She LOVES dancing. She loves going to shows or events where she can dance.


Shennie enjoys coloring, bubbles, playdoh, sidewalk chalk drawing, going to the Charleston Aquarium, riding her tricycle in the neighborhood, going for walks, and watching boats go by in the waterways. She love animals – and wants to see them whenever she can. Her top favorite, though, is going to the beach, collecting shells, and making sandcastles.

She LOVES other kids. She has moments of being bashful, but she is mostly outgoing and social. She loves to play with other kids and love hugging and kissing babies. Shenandoah really likes slightly older children to try to play with. I’m not sure if that is just because she is big for her size, and so she is more the size of bigger kids, or because she just prefers them…. maybe both.

She suffered a severe vaccine reaction around Easter this year, and it was the most horrible 2 weeks of my life. Even worse than my father’s passing. The worst thing ever.

She loves to laugh and is overall very happy and silly. She is very loving and affectionate. She is sweet and sensitive. She is tough and strong.


She is willful and opinionated. She has a fantastic memory for events.

Shenandoah’s vocabulary has always been above average. We have always gotten a lot of comments and compliments on her language and communication abilities. Every week, her sentences expand, her curiosity grows, and her imagination blossoms!

In getting ready for Baby Sister to arrive, she is doing pretty well so far. She enjoys hugging, patting, and kissing my belly. She says things like “Hi, Baby Sister”, “I love you, Baby Sister”, and “Good Morning, Baby Sister.” When she feels the baby move or kick, Shenandoah will get very excited and shout, “BABY SISTER IS PLAYING WITH ME!!” Shennie ALSO says things like, “Baby Sister will NOT play with my toys. They are mine! Not hers!” So… hahah we have it going well so far but the sharing issue reaches to a baby not even yet born!

We are beginning the potty training now. We had to wait until her school placed her in the 2 year old class to begin, even though we wanted to start a little earlier. She has pooped on the potty 2 times so far, and peed several times – but still in diapers daily. We are hoping to do the hard core training soon. With traveling and company coming in town, it has been hard to devote several days to being locked up with a naked kid all day.

And that is pretty much the overview of Shenandoah Joelle at present! She is a great kid, and she is VERY well behaved for her age, overall. She is so wonderful, smart, and funny! She is so, so loved.



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