No Two Are Alike

As I sit here, on the cusp of both the 3rd trimester and month 7 of pregnancy, typing whilst watching Matlock reruns, my mind is going through some of the differences in this pregnancy and my last.

When I was pregnant with Shenandoah, I ate very healthy.  I craved Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and I would drink a lot of milk, but otherwise I ate plenty of veggies, fruits, proteins, and even some spicy foods.

I had only a handful of nausea moments, I was very active up until the last month – going on long walks and short jogs without any troubles or pains everyday.  I took a lot of naps, rested well, and I took a lot of epsom salt baths. While I gained weight, it was gradual and evenly distributed – and the most of it occurred at the last trimester.  I cleaned, mowed the lawn, visited friends, and felt good.

Of course, I was nervous about a lot of things.  It was my first pregnancy, and after 2 losses, so I read and re-read ingredients lists, got nervous if I didn’t feel enough movement and when I felt too much.  I read article after article, website and forums, and just tried to take in as much information as I could while making sure everything was still going well.

I did have times where I was not comfortable and I was anxious and in a bit of pain.  I want to admit that I am NOT one of the women who LOVE EVERY MOMENT of being pregnant.  I am not one of those women.   I am not going to pretend my first pregnancy was easy on me and that there was not any complaints or concerns or , BUT when compared to this one….. well, I had it very good that first round.

This time….. whoa, this time.

This time I had very serious nausea and (eek!) diarrhea – which lasted until around the 10 week mark.  I had a hard time with insomnia the first 8 weeks. I was feeling highly stressed and emotional for the first 14 weeks.  This was a result of the hormones, the illness, and trying to care for a toddler alone without any help while being so worn.

I got bloated and began to pack on weight early. Even though I didn’t eat much as a result of the nausea, anything I ate just stuck.

I craved rice, pasta, potatoes (in any form), and generally bland/basic foods. Mainly, buttered rice or noodles and potatoes was all I could stomach….

Eventually, my tastebuds evened out and I could eat fruit, meat, and veggies….. BUUUTTTT not that many veggies.  I have a real aversion to many veggies which is totally the opposite to my regular diet.

I am not that keen on spicy food but I want a LOT of cheese… queso mainly. I can’t stand eating ice cream out of a bowl – but novelty Ice creams I am all over!   I, also, really like bowls of cereal in the evenings rather than typical desserts.

I felt the baby move earlier, and more frequently than I did Shenandoah. There is a LOT more discomfort and pain in carrying this baby. I am having way more Braxton-Hicks contractions and having them way, way earlier. This baby kicks and guts me WAY more than Shennie did…. and her turning and toppling will take me out more than Shennie did.

Doctors tell me this is typical, and with this baby looking like she will be another long baby, there is nothing I can do!  Literally, I was just at a check up this past week and the Doctor told me – “… from here on out, it isn’t going to be much fun for you.  You need to take it easy. Cut back on a lot.”  Oh, bother.

Luckily, Jon just got back home from sea so he can help me while I am more limited this time. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to try to keep up and not make all the burden on him for chores and animals and the house and the toddler…… that is hard on me.









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