There Shall Be Another!

The Party of 3 will soon be a Party of 4.

Baby Girl Merzlak the Second is due this Autumn. Her big sister is slowly learning and talking about the new baby that will be here in about 3 months time.

As I type this, I am on the first day of 25 weeks pregnant. I’m not a pregnant gal who goes on about how wonderful it is to be pregnant. Is it amazing and a miracle? Absolutely! But do I love being pregnant? No, I most certainly do not. This pregnancy is harder than Shenandoah’s, so I am less a-glow than I was for hers. In fact, my body has just pretty much told me to go shove off.

Everything is more intense and happened way sooner than before. I am limited and uncomfortable months ahead of where I was last time.  It is way harder on me this time around.  Besides the fact I didn’t have an active toddler before, Jon also is now gone 3-4 months at a time for work… sooooo that is making everything harder.

All the same, there are still some great things about this pregnancy that I didn’t have last time.

For example, tonight as I was putting Shenandoah to bed and we were finishing up reading her bedtime book, she wanted to cuddle and talk a little before laying down. She put her head on my side and of course belly as it’s in the way all the time.

As she chatted I could feel the baby start to move. I said “Shennie! Then baby can hear you and it’s making her happy!” Shennie started saying. “Hi baby sister!” And rubbing my belly. And the baby started moving and kicking. Shennie felt several of these and just flipped! She began squealing with delight! She laughed and giggled as she rubbed my belly and said ” Baby sister is playing with me!!” She called out for her daddy, who happened to be outside and missed this, and she was just so excited.

What a great moment to witness. What a great moment for Shenandoah and baby sister to begin to bond. It was so special and fun.

Another positive is that I am not as anxious or worried about this pregnancy as I was with Shenandoah.  I mean, there is always a level of concern that pregnant mothers have about several things – but I am able to feel more confident about it because it isn’t my first.  I kinda know what to look for and have gone through the show once before.  So, that makes some things more enjoyable.

But life is more hectic, so we try our best to be present and prepare ourselves and Shennie for the big change about to come!  Goodness Gracious!

Now……. we just have to work on a name for this new little baby girl…..



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