27 Week Check In

Four weeks ago I did a little pregnancy check in, and here is another one!

I can hardly believe I only have about 12 weeks to go before the little Girl Merzlak is here… give or take a week or two – as pregnancies go!!  It seems like no time, but some days it seems like a long time to go!

How far along? 27 weeks

Maternity clothes:  I still do not have many maternity clothes, I have a hard time making that investment.  I have, since the 23 week post, gotten a couple more shirts.  I live in yoga or pj pants, unless I have to go out in public…. then it is maternity jeans or leggings until the moment i walk back in the house.  I bought some bra extenders, which help a lot!  They only cost $6 for 3, rather than $20+ per new bra…. this was a great savings!  However, unless I am out in public, I avoid wearing bras…. Comfort is paramount nowadays.  The less restrictive clothing the better.  I suppose this is made worse by being pregnant in the winter months where more clothing is required more often!

Stretch marks? Not yet….. buuuuuttt…. there are some things happening around my belly button that are suspect. 😦   I am still using cocoa butter daily; night and day to be precise.  I am also sure to drink plenty of water – of course this goes along with pregnancy, but it helps with the stretch mark prevention too.

Sleep:  Well…. some nights I get a long and good nights sound sleep.  This is mostly after 2 nights in a row of horrible broken up sleep.  The nights that I don’t sleep well are nights that include at least one (if not 2) of the following:

  1.  Horrible leg cramps/charlie horse pains that wake me up in so much pain I usually cry out and sometimes make me sweat. These are worse than any charlie horse pain I have ever had in 36 years before getting pregnant.
  2. Unable to fall asleep for hours and hours…. this is not because I am not tired, I am very tired.  Muscles in legs and arms are restless, and my body can’t get comfortable in any position.
  3. The all night dance party (which I am starting to wonder if she hasn’t invited people over to in there) of Baby Merz moving and bouncing around until all hours of the night.
  4. The massive heartburn.  Again, this compares to no heartburn, indigestion, or reflux I had ever experienced prior to pregnancy.  This is an evil of its own unique hell.

None of these things are helped if the 3 dogs get nervous or worried because they can sense my discomfort.  Bless their hearts for being in tune and worrying about me, but it just makes it all the more troublesome to comfort them and get them settled – and try to get myself settled as well.

Best moment this week:  I enjoy the regular movement… I think it helps me to know she is active and strong and healthy – even though sometimes It is very uncomfortable and sometimes it drains all my energy.  I think the best moment was the one early morning I was woken up (maybe about 4 or 5 in the morning) because she was having a case of the hiccups. Very sweet and cute…. and kinda tickled me.

Miss anything?   I still miss being able to comfortably bend forward to get something off the floor or tie my shoes or put on socks…. etc.  I miss the ability to eat raw oysters and drink mimosas.  This has been on my mind a lot lately…. probably because of all the Charleston area Oyster Roasts and Brunches going on this month.  I miss exercising.  I can no longer walk as long or as far as I could in December.  Lastly, although I love that the baby is growing and everything is doing so well, I have in the last few days begun to miss my pre-pregnancy figure.  It is awesome and terrifying to see so much change…. and wonder if you will ever be the same again.

Movement: Kicks and twirls and jumps more regularly through the day, but the evening is still the preferred busiest time for wee Baby Merz.

  • Food cravings:  I was put on a 80-90 grams of protein a day diet at about week 24…. and limit carbs like breads/pastas/etc.  This is more daunting than it may seem.  As a result of having to eat so much more meat/dairy/nuts/etc, I have been taking in more salt so my sweet tooth has increased a bit.  Specifically this week I have wanted to have more crunchy salads and red grapes.  No Idea why — again maybe as a contrast to the protein and salt…. not sure.

Symptoms: Some Braxton Hicks have begun, usually only in overdoing myself in exercising.  The veins are everywhere in my chest and stomach… My torso looks like a road map.  As this last big growth spurt in the last weeks of the 2nd trimester occurs, I find I am needing more rest or nap time during the day… not as much as the first trimester but once or twice a week I need to lay down for 30 mins or an hour.  My legs are also now hurting if I am standing on them too long…. this is brand new to the pregnancy…. oh my.

Belly button in or out?   Thank the Lord, it is still in! But, I fear the Innie Days are numbered….. I am afraid that it will pop, but I can see how close it is coming…. i fear this could be any day now.  Oh heavens… it is gross to me.

Wedding rings on or off? On still! Have not had any swelling, so far, in hands, legs, or feet.

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy, just energy drained.  I had some time where I was getting into hysterical laughing fits over the slightest funny things….and I mean crying in laughter, can’t talk, for far too long over things that were just worth a smile or giggle.  As Jon said – “It is better to be laughing and happy than crying and yelling at me! I enjoy this symptom!”

Looking forward to: Hmm… not sure.  I had a great time at the Virginia Baby Shower, and we got a lot of wonderful (and useful) things!  I think I am looking forward to getting everything in order in the Baby Room, and organize the things we had been storing in that room.

That’s all for now!


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