23 Week Pregnancy Check-In

Just a little update and random Check-In on the pregnancy so far…. heeerrreee you goooooo

How far along? 23 weeks

Maternity clothes: I can’t squeeze this bump in normal pants, dresses, or most skirts anymore…. some maxi skirts, some leggings, and some pj/sweat pants are still doable… but even they are nearing their end I can tell.  Maternity Jeans and leggings are pretty much all I wear. I confess, I didn’t want to invest in too many maternity items but…. these last  17 weeks might render me living in a bath robe if I don’t consider some other clothes items.  Underwear and maternity bras are a must however…. something even my husband tells me I need to do this week.

Stretch marks? Not yet! Well… I don’t think so anyway.  There is one mark on my stomach – can’t tell if it is the beginning of a stretch mark or a vein…. it is in an area that’s hard to see nowadays :/

I have been using cocoa butter daily, but I need to start looking for Bio Oil or sweet almond oil.

Sleep: Pregnancy has affected my sleeping pattern since week 8.  I needed a 2 hr nap nearly everyday until about 14/15 weeks – in addition to a good night sleep.  My night sleep was pretty good, even with getting up 1-2 times to pee.

Then, there were several weeks of good, uninterrupted by the bladder sleep – and I rarely needed a nap unless I really overdid myself in physical work (yard work, exercise, etc)  or if there was a day or two of baby growth spurts.

I have slowly, in the past 3 weeks began to have trouble sleeping at night.  The baby belly really popped and it began to make finding a comfortable position a troubling thing.  It swiftly  progressed to the baby being most active at night.  Her rolling around, most strong kicks, and acrobatics seems to occur anytime after 10pm until about 1am.  This makes it hard to sleep – or stay asleep.  I, also, am suffering from pretty severe “charley horse” pains in my legs and feet.  I have woken up 2 nights this week in pain enough to holler out from a sound sleep.  I end up waking up Jon and all 3 dogs unintentionally as a result.   So, in all this poor night sleep, I have found the need to take at least a 45 minute nap during the day….but I have slept up to 2 hrs if Jon lets me.

Best moment this week:  I have been feeling kicks and movements (with complete certainty) for about 3 weeks, but in the last several days, you can begin to feel the baby movement from the outside every so often. This is good because Jon just got home from sea a few days ago, and it is great that he can now have to opportunity to feel it all too.

I think the BEST moment was just last night.  For the first time since Jon has been home, he and I (and all 3 dogs) were in the bed watching TV and snuggling up in the chilly night  when the baby kicked so hard that the tablet I had on y belly got knocked off and fell down to one side.  It was awesome to witness and it showed she was there with us.

Miss anything? I miss being able to comfortably bend forward to get something off the floor or tie my shoes or put on socks…. etc.  That ability has gone away in the last week.

Movement: Kicks and stretched throughout the day, but really has her exercise in the evening. About suppertime she gets more active, but as I mentioned the evening hours are her most active time.  She is a night owl for sure.  Takes after her folks I reckon.   It is interesting that she has made a little schedule for herself.

Food cravings: In the first trimester it was totally and completely milk and PB & J sandwiches. Nowadays it seems to change by the week.  I am sure it is solely based on what my body needs at that time.  However mango fruit and red meat are cravings this week and last week.  I crave beer a LOT…. but I can’t have that – especially as much as I crave it.  I do look forward to Jon having a beer so I can grab a taste now and then!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing…. well the looks and thought of raw chicken….. I don’t know if that is uniquely pregnancy — but it sure doesn’t help.

Gender: IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!

Symptoms: Nothing crazy – just the leg cramps and the growth spurts ligament pains.

Belly button in or out? In! But it definitely different  I am afraid that it will pop.  Groossss.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but I get random grumpiness and worry… actually that is pretty normal for me I think.  I have found myself tearing up more while watching TV or something.

Looking forward to: The Virginia Baby Shower.  In a couple weekends I head to Virginia for a small shower.  It’s mostly exciting to be able to see friends and family in Virginia before I am no longer allowed to make that long car ride for the remainder of the pregnancy.  ❤

That’s all for now!


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