Baby on Board

Christmastime is here! Happiness and Cheer! Fun for all the the children call their favorite time of year!

Here are our dogs take on the Nativity Scene: Liesl Mary, Monkey Baby Jesus, and Popcorn Joseph.


The Autumn went by in a flash!

Firstly, we found out we were pregnant (again).  It was a worrisome time for me, at the start.  I didn’t want to have a repeat of the first 2 – but it seemed 3rd time was this charm!

The 10 week Scan of Baby Girl Merzlak:

Baby Merzlak - 10wks

This was our Halloweentime announcement:

the great merzlak

We traveled to Bryson City, NC in September and invited our friends, the O’Haires, to come along with us.  It was rainy for most of the trip, but we still were able to have nice hiking time, fun with the dogs, sight seeing, and some delicious meals.  And we got to see Elk! I was really excited about the Elk!




In November, we traveled to Virginia to spend the week before Thanksgiving with our families – because of Jon’s work travel schedule.   It was a lovely time at home – hunting, crispy leaves, chilly air, country scenes, time with friends…. but on the way there, we stopped off in Greensboro, NC to catch the Dead & Company show!


It was a great concert!  Even being pregnant, I really was able to enjoy it!  Jon found a hotel that allowed the dogs and was just a few miles away from the venue.  We had a couple friends meet up with us there and were able to enjoy it in a group.  It was a great show!  So our little baby got to attend her first unofficial Dead show, and her dad bought her first tie dye from the lot!



December arrived – I turned 37, and Jon had to leave for work.  While the house is decorated for Christmas, it is just me and the dogs here.  And the little stranger growing inside.

We had the big anatomy scan done last week, and everything looks fantastic!  Baby Girl Merzlak didn’t want to cooperate; she seems to already display that she is just like her parents – stubborn and willful.  It seemed she didn’t appreciate being disturbed while trying to sleep and was very dramatic about throwing her head back in annoyance, as well as turning away from the scan wand just before the tech could snap a photo and running/swimming away every chance she got.  Entertaining and hard on my stomach, but still great to see all her.  Her organs and bones all forming so well.

20 Wk Scan Collage

Her face, her mouth & nose, her profiles, and her long legs!

As a matter of fact, this morning was the first time i looked down at my tummy and watched her moving around – stretching and rolling about.  It was pretty wild!

We will see what the New Year will bring us!

Merry Christmas from The Merzlaks and the Baby on Board!

Baby on board
How I’ve adored
That sign on my car’s windowpane.

Bounce in my step,
Loaded with pep,
‘Cause I’m drivin’ in the carpool lane.

Call me a square,
Friend I don’t care,
‘Cause that little yellow sign can’t be ignored.

I’m telling you it’s mighty nice.
Each trip’s a trip to paradise
With my baby on board.


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