Summer of Exploring

What a great summer we have had!  It is not over yet, technically, but most of our Summer fun and adventures are over.  We will coast the next few weeks of Summer easily into Autumn.

In May we got some bees!  What an exploration!  We learned a lot more about bees then we ever imagined, and have a GREAT deal more to learn.  Bees are quite interesting critters.

Bee Collage 1

They did well and we got about 40 oz of Honey by late June. And, boy oh boy, does it taste wonderful!!

This summer, I took on more vendor markets & opportunities, and the etsy shop had a great increase of traffic and sales! Exploring new markets, new groups, and new products!  Jon helps out sometimes, too!

GS collage 1

We went to Lake Anna, Virginia for Adam’s 38th Birthday. We had nice time with friends and family! We played with little Mila, got some sun, ate a lot of great food…. it was very lovely.




We took a last minute trip to Western NC and had a relaxing, exploring, hiking, terrific time!

NC - 3 - Aug 2015

NC - 5 - Aug 2015

NC - 2 - Aug 2015

NC - 1 - Aug 2015


We really had a very lovely summer. Busy, but happy! We are very grateful and look forward to Autumn!


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