Wedded Blitz

One Friday in October, on the 24th to be exact, the Ragamuffins got married.

Oh! If you weren’t there, you should have been!  Upon a sand dune in the fall evening as the sun set slowly in Sandbridge, Virginia; friends and family nearby.

Wedded Blitz!  6 months from engagement to the wedding day!

In addition to Jon’s work schedule and training, I was doing 2 classes and working.  All the while we were planning this wedding.  A destination wedding – which included travel for friends and family, rentals, flights, us traveling from Charleston with cars packed with wedding needs and 3 dogs, arguments with reception place manager, family spats, dogs everywhere, making our own cake, family preparing homemade food for rehearsal dinner party and pre-reception hors d’oeuvres, friends helping to set up and break down, cousin doing photography, my aunt and I doing wedding flowers, etc, etc, etc –>  it was a busy, busy, busy, stressful, and wonderful time.

Jon & I were very grateful for everyone’s support, help, love, and being apart of the memories! Our family and friends did so much for us and, even though it was a small wedding, it was wonderful.

Wedding Collage 1

Wedding Collage 2

Wedding Collage 4

Wedding Collage 3





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