The Very Busy Summer

This one time, Jon and I had a very busy summer.

It was the summer where I started a Graduate Certificate Program at George Mason University, Jon was working and doing a lot of trainings, we had lots of visitors, began raising guinea fowl, and we got engaged.

There has been a lot going on — but here are just SOME of the highlights:

gmu_logoIn March, I had applied to my alma mater, George Mason University, for acceptance into their Instructional Design and E-Learning Technology Program, within the College of Education & Human Development for their E-Learning Graduate Certificate.  Our friend Windy had suggested it to me, and gone through the program/department herself.  After some research, I applied and got accepted!

Jon’s sister, Jenny, came out at the end of April to visit Charleston and celebrate both her and Jon’s Birthdays.

The following weekend after Jenny’s visit, we picked up the 4 baby keets that we had ordered and were waiting to hatch!

Guinea Keets 3 - 2 days old - May 4 2014More about them in another post!

May 9 -12 The Sierra Leone Refugee All Star Band came to stay with us while they were performing at the Pour House Charleston!  A Fauquier Friend, Rebekah,  from home is their Tour Manager, and Jon invited them to stay with us in our home.  It was a very wonderful & interesting experience!  They are wonderful people and have a great story to share… as well as fantastic music from Sierra Leone!

SLRA  with Sarah and Jon - Charleston - May 10 2014

SLRA - Ashade Pearce Set up 1 - BW - Pour House Charleston - May 10 2014SLRA -  Ashade Reuben Nature Lights 1 - Pour House Charleston - May 10 2014 - GS

3 Fauquier County Gals - Me, Liza, and Rebekah

3 Fauquier County Gals – Me, Liza & Rebekah

Ashade and Jon Backstage

Ashade and Jon Backstage

We were glad to meet them and would welcome them anytime!
And – they put on a fantastic show!!  Make sure you see them.
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

1376840135000-XXX-BlackleggedDeerTickFemale-L0O7523I had been very ill and getting worse over the months, beginning back about January, and I finally discovered that Monkey and I both had Lyme’s Disease, since about May of 2013 – and we never knew it.  He went on antibiotics and with his homemade diet of food Jon makes for him, he improved 110%!! His hair began to grow back and fill in, he had energy again, was more alert, more playful, and even puts the puppies in line when they pester him too much!

I began a herbal supplement regime, and feel an improvement so far of about 85-90% then how I felt before Memorial Day weekend, when I began the supplements!  I look forward to getting better over the rest of the Summer. The more I learn about this disease, and the more I hear about friends and acquaintances who also have it…. well it is something that is a plague on this country and it needs some serious looking into.

On May 18th,  Jon proposed and we started planning for our Fall 2014 wedding.  With Jon’s work schedule we wanted to make sure we could plan while we knew what we had open for time.


We watched our garden grow, then half of it get decimated virtually overnight from Squash Vine Borers (which I’d never heard of until now).

Then my class began, Jon went to trainings and away to work, Liesl was growing up, Monkey was getting healthy again, and Popcorn was having fun chasing balls and frisbees.

Popcorn 14mths Liesl 7mths Monkey 11yrs

For July 4th, Adam & pregnant Kristin came to spend some days with us. Fishing, relaxing, beach time, and good food were all on our schedule!  On July 4th, the boys grilled a whole hog and we had some friends round for food and fun.


We also saw Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss with Union Station, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Bill Murray at a drum circle, went to the beach, worked on the yard, went on even walks with the dogs, and a lot of other wonderful things!

It’s only July 28th, and there is still at least another month of summer remaining!  I’m sure there will be more fun and busy days ahead.


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