Spring 2014: Garden Dogs Birds Blossoms

Spring brought blooming Blossoms, chirping Birds, and happy Dogs.

Here, I present to you, our beginning of spring 2014!

Our cozy house, surrounded by the blooming Azalea bushes!

This is our Saint Francis of Assisi Statue. The Patron Saint of Animals and Nature; he was my first purchase for our house. I knew we would need him to help guard our critters, plants, and all the living things in our little dwelling.


Our Monkey posing by one of the Azaleas in the backyard – Apr 5 2014

Popcorn by the Azalea 3 - Apr 5 2014

Our Popcorn posing by one of the Azaleas in the backyard – Apr 5 2014

Our Liesl posing by one of the Azaleas in the backyard – Apr 5 2014

A Carolina Wren has come to this basket in the mudroom for years to make her nest and lay her eggs each spring. The former homeowner told us about her and her babies! She came again this spring and set up her nest.

On the morning of April 12th, I was having my cup of coffee and feeding the dogs their breakfast when i heard chirps and beeps coming from the basket! They had hatched overnight!! Three of Mama Wren’s Four Eggs had successfully brought birdie babies! I was so excited, and I immediately emailed Jon to tell him the good news. Even from the ship, he was excited for the babies too. St Francis was doing his work!


The week prior to Jon heading back to work, we completed our garden and planted the beginnings of our seedlings and plants. You can see our Strawberries and our Herbs, on the fence. Seedlings and a few tomato plants are in the garden boxes. This was taken April 6 2014.

Since we moved to the house from our apartment, this Jade has grown so healthy. This is grew from a clipping that Jonathan’s mother gave us. It is a clipping from her mother’s Jade plant.

succulant window 2

An Aloe plant and an Echeveria Succulent in our sun room. I purchased these from this hidden herb farm I stumbled upon on a Sunday drive. They are great friends to Jon’s Granny’s Jade.

Our window of succulents!

The first clippings from our Herb Garden… Mint, Basil, and Cilantro!

Baby Wrens 1 - Porch - April 19 2014

Back to the Baby Birds! Here are the birds at a week old. Look how they have grown in 7 days!

Baby Wrens 1 - Porch - April 24 2014

Here they are on the morning of being 12 Days old….. this was taken the day before they all left the nest. Our sweet little baby birds.

Saint Francis has done a great job so far helping us with the
living things at our little house!

We will follow up as things grow soon.


2 thoughts on “Spring 2014: Garden Dogs Birds Blossoms

  1. Love your photos and stories! Your home has definitely come alive with all sorts of things this Spring, how exciting. It looks lovely.

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