Go, Dogs, Go!

“Go, Dog, Go!” is one of my all time favorite children’s books.  Written & illustrated by PD Eastman and published as a Dr, Seuss Beginner Book, shares the interactions of a bunch of dogs who do a variety of activities together like driving cars, skiing, swimming, boating, play instruments, play tennis, wearing fancy hats, and enjoy a huge dog party in the top of a tree! It’s a great book!

PicMonkey Collage22

We now have a a big dog party at our house!!
Three dogs!

“What do you mean, Sarah?” you say….  Whelp!

Jon and I had been casually had been looking online at dogs and puppies.  After we found out about our Monkey’s health, we began to think about some things.

Monkey hasn’t been doing well, and after a emergency run to a vet the day after Christmas, we  learned he would not be improving.  We found his liver is not processing protein.  His body is not absorbing nutrients through food, and he is not digesting well.  No matter the amount of phenobarbital he is taking (32.4mg for the last year at 30 lbs) his counts were terribly, frighteningly low.  His white blood cells were super high, and 2 of the 4 panels they did on his kidneys rendered a very, very, bad result.  None of this is really anything we can fix.  As the vet simply said – “He is a few months shy of 11 years old and he has had seizures all his life; his little body has taken a lot and hasn’t much left.”  But Monkey is still in good spirits, and comfortable.  That’s all we can ask for.  His want to do things is still strong – like going to the dog park, swimming… all his favorite activities.  Unfortunately, his stamina for those things decreases by the week.  It makes me sad to see.  I came across a photo of him from about September – about 3 or 4 months ago – and he looks 3 years younger in that picture.

All this made us talk about getting another dog.  Not to replace or overwhelm Monkey, but mainly because we felt a transition dog would be best.  A puppy to play with Popcorn.  Monkey can’t play with Pop and keep up with him, but Popcorn is 8 months old and loves Monkey so he naturally wants to play with him.  Monkey gets annoyed and wants to just relax.
Furthermore, if something were to happen to Monkey, poor little Popcorn would just be crestfallen.  Popcorn is a very family/pack driven dog.  He doesn’t like to be alone.  If something were/when something happen to Monkey, Pop would not be happy as an only child.

As it was, we just looked around online from time to time…. and much like when we got Popcorn, it was not a serious or dedicated search.  Just passing time.

Some Saturday morning we were sitting about before starting our day, and I typed in “pointer” and “south carolina” to see rescue puppies.  The second little funny face I saw was a brand new puppy who was in need of a home.  

The photos on the rescue site of the little puppy we fell in love with. These are her at about 4 weeks old.

Her mother had gotten pregnant and the owner couldn’t take care of the pregnant pooch, and turned her into a “kill” shelter in the north-western part of the state.  A vet run rescue group saved her just before she gave birth.

Besides being cute, this little face looked nearly identical to our Popcorn.  Outrageously so.  Yes, there are differences, like her freckles and his longer snout… but really so alike looking.  We knew Pop was part beagle from seeing him with his mom and brothers…. but never what his father was.  We had assumed a few breeds, but seeing her tied it together.  This English pointer mother looked very similar to Popcorn, but her baby girl (whose father was a hound) looked just like Popcorn!  

A few days later,  I was at work and I told Jon that I was just so struck by that little baby and how much she looked like Popcorn.  We talked more when I got home.  We decided to email the rescue group to find out more about her…. a few days after that….. we called back and she was still available.  In the next moment, we found ourselves setting up with the rescue group that we would come and get her the next day.  We drove 4 hrs to get her.

On January 10, 2014, we brought home this little sweet creature to join our family and named her Liesl Edelweiss.  Her stage name is Liesl Edelweiss Moon Unit Von Trapp King Merzlak.  Catchy, huh?!  She was born November 10, 2013.

Photos from the drive home and first introduction to Monkey and Popcorn.

Photos from the drive home and first introduction to Monkey and Popcorn.

Liesl trusted Jon and I from the minute we got her into the car to bring her home.  Just came in and just was a natural fit to our family.  Popcorn and she became fast friends.  She is also very smart and snugly, which are important qualities.  Liesl is a funny gal and likes to talk.  A lot. 

Many think we are crazy, but… hey!  We love her and our house is full of fun.  Best of all, Monkey is glad to have his own space and time while the pups go run about in the back yard.

It’s always a dog party!  Go, dogs, Go!!

From 'Go, Dog, Go!', but this reflects our dogs well. Monkey relaxing, Liesl playing chess, Popcorn stummin' the ol' banjo!

From ‘Go, Dog, Go!’, but this reflects our dogs well. Monkey relaxing, Liesl playing chess, Popcorn stummin’ the ol’ banjo!

We are all very happy and bedtime is just a warm, snugly pile!  Plus, I like not being the only girl in the house now! 🙂


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