Adulthood: Movin’ Right Along!

Here we are; both of us 34 years old and movin’ right down the path of grown-ups.  Many may joke that Jonathan and I have respectively dodged the stereo-typical confinements of adulthood – or at least at the pace of our societal peers. Some say that with hints of jealousy, some with hints of impatience (our mothers), and some say it playfully – no matter how otherwise responsible & committed to things as we actually are.  Still, a lot of typical boxes have been left unchecked in comparison to what most believe we should be doing at this stage in our lives.

And yet, the snickers of doubt have been tabled for the moment. The last two weeks have been a whirl-wind of energetic movement towards Mid-30s responsibilities and adulthood!

This summer, around end of June,  Jon came upon a house being sold by the owner.  We BOTH fell in love with it.  We spent all of July and August trying to make it ours. Jonathan succeeded by September, after negotiations and Jon being shipped out for work a couple times in-between.  On October 1, Jonathan signed his name on all the paperwork.  He had purchased his first home!  We had the house we love!  Adulthood!!

But wait!  There’s more!  Adulthood activity didn’t stop there, if you can believe it!

We had to wait a few weeks before moving in to our new home – allowing the previous owner to close on her new home and the transition time.  In the meantime we had friends Liz & Kevin come from Northern Virginia to visit us with their children, Kaitlin & Noah, and their dog Max – who is actually Monkey Dog’s oldest life-long friend.  They had never been to Charleston, but came for the weekend.  Our friends Windy & Will joined us one afternoon for a dog day in the park. And then we were invited over to a Pumpkin Carving Party at our friends Matt & Marianne’s house.  So very proper and adult, these events!

PicMonkey Collage - Liz Kev


PicMonkey Collage - pump

But, eventually, the fun had to end, and the work needed to begin –> like responsible adults!

The week of Oct 27th was the last week in the apartment home we had lived in and enjoyed for just shy of 2 years in Downtown Charleston.  Packing things up and trying to prepare for the move was a part of each day.

On Monday the 28th, not only would that evening be the time the house was vacant from previous owner and ready to be fully ours  BUT…. we took another swim into the pool of Grown-Folk Stuff.  We turned over my little 2007 hippie hatchback, cheap Versa for a fancy, luxury sedan — A 2012 VW Passat!  New House, New Swanky Car, Bigger monthly bills – DEBT! Yes, again Adulthood!   See, we can do it like everyone else!

Hold onto your hats, because let me hit you with this next bit!  On Tuesday, October 29th Jonathan bought us a huge fridge like adults have.  A Stainless steel 25.3 cubic foot, Side by Side Refrigerator! Hooray!  Adulthood! Our own house, a luxury car, and a stainless steel fridge!  Movin’ right along!

Over the course of the week, we picked out paint colors, moved a few things over to the new house, and packed up remaining things.

Halloween, October 31, was our big moving day – and last time in the old apartment.  It was the first time sleeping in our new home.  As I left for work at 7:30am, Jon prepared for the move.  I worked an 8 hour day at the office and he got a rental truck and filled it up with everything he could.  Once I got home, we put more into my car and made our way over to unload EVERYTHING.  All the furniture, all the boxes, all the heavy stuff Jon loaded by himself – and he and I unloaded it and moved things to rooms, upstairs, etc all on our own.  I had a couple runs back and forth from apartment to house – and then we both went back for a final clean up of the old place.  It was the longest 16 hour day of work for us both – although more physically for Jon then I.  We didn’t lay down in bed to sleep until 2:30 am; and I had to be back up at 6am to go back to work the next day.  Further proof of Adulthood! Hooray!


Home Sweet Home

November 1st onward has been a steady cycle of unpacking, cleaning, yard work, painting,  organizing, going to Lowe’s, and repeat.  I think several trips to Lowe’s each day counts for Adulthood Points – although Jon believes Lowe’s is akin to trips to Disney World.  In a week, we have knocked out a great deal of work.  I think its fair to say we have done a lot more in a week than most folks would have – and Jon getting things completed while I am at the office aids greatly in that.  However, we spent hours in the evening working, and 2 entire Saturdays.  Its been fun for us though, as well as rewarding.  Also… exhausting.

Additionally, Jonathan has also worked on his Jeep – repairing very details things in the engine that I can’t even name – and replacing all four tires.  He also repaired the Master Cylinder in his Volvo.  I did my first quick bit of baking in the new house… an Apple Pie.  Adult-ness! Success!! Look at us go!

IMG_1280Let me take a moment for a side bar about the Dogs.

Monkey is 10 and a half years old, and Popcorn is 7 months old now.  Monkey has never had his own yard, nor lived in a house.  He has seen and visited such places but never had one of his very own; certainly never a 2-story home!!   Popcorn spent his days wound up and crazy in the apartment, exploding at the times he got to go on long walks or outside to play.

I wish I could truly explain to you just how much these two dogs are loving this new home!  We were blessed that the house came with a doggie door to the huge back yard which is fenced in.  It took them about 10 minutes to learn the doggie door and the bounds of the house and yard – now they can’t get enough.  They go in and out as they please.  Popcorn runs, digs, barks, and goes on adventures in the yard all day while Monkey investigates the yard space and sunbathes time to time.  Popcorn is learning the skill of laying in the sun as well.

They love the yard.  But they also love running around the house, hiding toys upstairs in the bedrooms, running up and down in the mornings to check on me as I get ready for work then back to see what Jon is doing in the kitchen.  They love looking out the front door at the squirrels, joggers, and other dogs going by.  Monkey and Popcorn love their new house.

Pop & Monks upon their new hearth.

Pop & Monks upon their new hearth.

This is all probably no big deal to those who already have a house and yard for animals — but to us, its a big deal that they are so happy to be there.

Meanwhile, there has been a huge explosion of orders from my Etsy store (GratefulStills) in the midst of all this moving and organizing!!  Hooray for side ventures and income!  Adulthoooddd!!

We have been without internet and cable TV since Oct 30th, and while we have been too busy to really miss TV (and we don’t even watch that much of it anyway) in the evenings when it is time for bed, we have needed something to unwind with.  

Watching an episode of the old Muppet Show on DVD each night as we lay in bed with the dogs is awesome.  We have also had a couple good, classic movie nights viewing some old DVDs we haven’t seen in a long while — like The Great Outdoors, Funny Farm, What About Bob, and Grumpy Old Men.  Perhaps this takes our Adulthood ranking back down – but… the Muppet Show and these older comedies are totally brilliant and hilarious!  

MuppetstallAs Fozzie Bear & Kermit sang in The Muppet Movie….. Jonathan and I have been Movin’ Right Along lately — Footloose and Fancy Free.  But Movin’ and Going Right Along this path of Mid-30s Adulthood.

I hope we’ve made you all very proud.  🙂


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