Wild Fermentation: Summer Experience

Although things have been busy this summer, and I have worked on giving canning a try, the Kombucha has still been on my active list of our kitchen duties.

There was a bit of a disappointment when, a few weeks back, a ton of gnats/fruit flies were taking over.  I had shared a SCOBY with our friend Paula so she could begin home-brewing Kombucha.  After months of doing so well, she discovered her SCOBY and Kombucha had been attacked (seemingly overnight) by those darn pests, and they had laid their eggs in side the jar.  She had to toss the whole lot away, and was in need for a new baby SCOBY to begin again.  I gave her 2 of my SCOBY babies, and she immediately began her new batch.

Turned out to be very fortuitous that I did because, about a week later, I found my Kombucha covered in fruit flies, most seemed dead/drowned in the liquid – and caught in the web of the cheesecloth covering.  No larva in mine, but it still meant I had to toss the whole thing down the drain.   So disappointing.  Since February I have been growing that batch without any troubles or bugs.

I called up Paula to see if there was anyway I could get one of those SCOBY Babies back to regrow my batch, and she said that in the week more had come and this was a very prosperous batch – so I was able to get a couple off of her, and keep the same family brewing.

Wonderfully, this batch took off quickly for me as well and I didn’t have to wait long for the Kombucha to be back to where it was…. this time quite effervescent and aromatic right from the start.

Coincidentally, our porch garden really took of in August.  We had a lot of Basil that needed to get used. Outside of garnish or pesto, I was looking for some ways to use it up.  We did make some marinara, but how else could I use all this Basil…..


Just some of our Basil, with a little Mint and some spicy peppers from the porch.

I decided to try using some in the Kombucha, and it turned out to be so light, refreshing and a great summer drink!!

Wanna try it?  It’s easy!

Basil lemon kombucha 1 GS

Slice some lemon, and put some fresh, green basil into a container,
then pour in some of your Kombucha tea.

Basil lemon kombucha 2 GS

Leave at least an inch from the top of the container for air, then seal it up and put it in the refrigerator to set and cool for at least a day.  Then, drink up!

Basil lemon kombucha 3 GS

Jonathan and I take sips throughout the day, or a small glass with some ice.  Delicious! 


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