Pardon my Rant – but Unless…..

I don’t know if this is an official, medical ailment…. but I feel at this very moment I am in the throws of suffering some sort of Aerial & Commercial Real Estate Map Dementia and Psychosis.

I am grateful that I have a job – and I am glad to do some of the things I do… BUT…..

I have been staring at these aerial maps all day, trying to discern retail spots, availabilties, outparcels, and site plans.  Let me tell you something;  besides being extremely boring, this work is tiring on the brain, eyes, and is a bit depressing on the spirit.

America is nothing but strip malls & retail centers. It’s disgusting.  AND – it all looks EXACTLY the same!

Where is the beautiful land?  How many Walmarts and grocery stores need to be in a 15 min radius? When shops go out of business, or retail centers are left empty, why not fill those up with merchants rather than building whole new stupid look alike strip malls???

And to think about all the money that banks, real estate agents, and some of these corporations get to have all this crap around just blows my mind….

My eyes are all confused…. I have a headache.  I close my eyes to rest them, and I see dancing pylon signs, parking lots, and cement slab front buildings. 


Strip malls, shopping plazas, mini-malls, shopping center, retail park,  business center, office parks…. Goodness me.  Why do we allow this to be so out of control in our country? What about the land, and the trees, and the animals that live there?

I feel like the Lorax…..



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