We have been VERY busy, and it has been hard for me to stay right on top of the entries here….. I still have to share our stories from our DelFest and Camping adventures!



But something important has happened and I MUST share it now!!  We got Popcorn!

Since Hambone passed away in late April, and Monkey is an older fella — we have started to talk more about getting another dog.  It had been just talk, daydreaming, internet perusing….

This past weekend (June 7-9) was excellent!  Friday evening Jon & I went out to dinner, drinks, a little arcade games, and dancing.  Saturday we slept in, went to the beach with our friends Windy & Will.  That evening, went out on the boat with our friends Matt, Marianne, Kathy, and Ryan on the Ashley River.

Sunday we woke up, did some chores, walked downtown in the hot weather, did our grocery shopping, window shopping, and stopped off for Gyros and people watching.  After we got home, we relaxed and did a few more things around the house.  We were waiting around for this couple to come have a look at Jonathan’s car (he is thinking about selling it), when I got online and said I was just going to craigslist puppies to pass the time;  Jon did also.

Well – wouldn’t you know it!  Using 2 different search criteria we both found a list of pups for sale — but on the top of his list said “Beagle Puppies” and he clicked on it and said, “Look at this one!”

The ad said that 6 week old Tri-Colored Beagle puppies were for sale in Ladson, SC. The price was on the cheap side…. and the photos were very cute.

Jonathan: “What do you think? Should I call?”
Sarah (me): “Yea! Yea! Call ’em!”

And so he did…. and he found out that there was a litter of 5 but it was down to just 3. They told Jon we could come see the puppies that evening.

We both got a little excited – but tried to be logical and think about it all.  I just knew that if we went there, we would come home with one.

I can not keep away from animals – I love them, but puppies… watch out!!  Jon has banned me in the past from going to any rescues or shelters for fear I would come home with nearly every dog there might be.

I knew that we would go to Ladson  “just to see about the puppies,” as Jon said – but if they were excellent we would bring one home and if they were in terrible care and in desperate need, we would bring at least one home.

Regardless of the situation –  I think we both new the chances were high we would return with a dog.

So we arrive…. and we come upon a very run down house. Old dog tied up in the front yard, broken down pontoon boat full of other broken items in the front yard, electric fence run around the porches, garbage in general…. 2 boxer dogs in the small house barking, and beagles in the back yard.

The man instructed us to go to the back to see the puppies…. in a rabbit/chicken coop-like pin, there were 3 puppies sleeping on a bunch of hay, while 3 adult beagles were in the yard running about in the mud and piles of tossed about bread and bagels (soggy, muddy, dirty, covered in bugs).

Not an ideal environment – however, all the adult beagles had very kind temperaments. The adult beagles also had their hunting tags onto their collars, which proved he did train them and use them for hunt (which was important to Jonathan).   Jon said later that he thought the man cared about his dogs, but just wasn’t smart enough, and/or had enough money to care for them properly. He thought he was doing right.

We played and inspected the 3 male pups there…. picked the one that seemed alert, fair tempered, snuggly, and the healthiest/strongest.

To quote Jonathan a day or so after the puppy was adjusting to our home,
“I think we got a good one!”

Covered in dirt, bugs, and fleas – we brought the puppy home, and immediately bathed him, three times in a row.  Monkey and he were introduced, and we tried to make the puppy comfortable – but awaited getting him to the vet the next morning!  He was still many eating from his mother, or the random food thrown in the yard – we had to really introduce him to eating from a dish, and drinking water from a bowl.  I think watching Monkey has, and will, help him in his training and development.

PopMonkey Collage

Getting his first check up, his first set of shots, and a major deworming – Little Popcorn has been doing wonderfully over the past 4 days of being in our home.

He has already learned his name, and is being trained for the leash…. we hope to have crate training and potty training in good motion by end next week.

Hooray! for our good boy Monkey, and Yay! for our new puppy Popcorn!


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