Highfalutin Gold Cup & Hillbilly Barn Party

On Friday, May 3rd, we packed up a rental car and headed for Ol’ Virginny!

We had a big weekend planned; attending the 88th Virginia Gold Cup, seeing friends & family, and attending a Fauquier-Style barn party!

After work on Friday – Jonathan, Monkey, and I loaded into this rented vehicle full of stuff.  As we left Charleston,  we stopped to pick up our friends Matt and Marianne, then set upon the highway for Virginia!  Jon & I were excited to take this trip with our friends, but mainly to show them our hometown, and all that influenced us growing up.

It was fun fun ride up – chatting, playing silly road/question games and laughing all the way.

About midnight, we arrived in Fredericksburg, VA at Adam & Kristin’s house (Jon’s brother & sister-in-law) to spend the night.  Monkey and Jaguar dogs played a ran about a little bit, while Adam & Jon smoked the pork we were all going to enjoy at the steeplechase race.  Shortly,  we all went to bed to rest up for our big adventure!

Awaking early on Saturday – everyone took turns showering and getting ready. Packing or repacking cars – and then rolling out to Jon’s parents house at Longview Farm.  

Matt & Marianne put their things in the bunkhouse for the weekend, and the rest of us put our stuff in the main house.  Monkey & Jaguar were left with their Grandma Dawn & Ron to play with Lily dog and run around the farm.  We all put on our fancy dress clothes to make our way to the races!

It was a beautiful day, with perfect weather!  Great Meadow was filled with cars and crowds, horse trailers and dusty road — just as we remembered it.  Jon, Adam, and I had not been to a Gold Cup race in ages…. AGES.  Kristin, Matt, and Marianne had never been.  Lindsay, a friend of Kristin’s, joined up with us.  It was her first horse race ever.

Look at this snazzy group - getting ready to leave Longview Farm for Gold Cup!

Look at this snazzy group – getting ready to leave Longview Farm for Gold Cup!

We arrived and began setting up our space – food, chairs, making drinks and getting everything laid out.  Adam & Jon secured us a spot at 2nd Rail North, and we had a great view of the race field, lots of people watching, and sun!

Adam & Jon setting up.

Adam & Jon setting up.

Menu Items: Pork BBQ, Pasta Salad, Cucumber Sandwiches, Deviled Eggs, Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, and Mini Cupcakes (from Charleston Cupcake)

Not all the food - but this was a quick shot of the table as it was getting set up.  Everyone started munching right away, so there wasn't time for a full food table shot.  The food was too good !

Not all the food – but this was a quick shot of the table as it was getting set up. Everyone started munching right away, so there wasn’t time for a full food table shot. The food was too good!

Racing Horses

Racing Horses

Jon Matt - Dapper Fellows 1

Jon & Matt – Dapper Fellows

Gold Cup Group Shot 1

Jon Sarah Kristin Lindsay Adam Marianne Matt


View of the horses preparing for race from our site.

We all had a great time relaxing, chatting, drinking, walking about, and taking pictures.  As we watched the horses, just several feet away, racing passed our spot, many friends stopped by to say hello and chit chat.  We all eventually made our way to Members Hill and hung out with Markham Donn & Bunny a while.

Mark & his wife Ashley (Bunny)  AshleySmith LindseyOlice KristinMerzlak SarahKing - Gold Cup 2013  Marianne, Matt, and a Plate of Meatballs Jon & Sarah    KristinAdam

Mark & Ashley – Ashley, Lindsay, Kristin & Sarah – Marianne, Matt & a plate of Meatballs – Sarah & Jon – Adam & Kristin

After the day was done – we cleaned up and gathered our things to head back to the Farm.  Taking some time to rest up & clean up, we all relaxed a bit.  Jon, Adam & Matt took Jon’s dirt bike for a few rides around the farm and acted like boys, while I visited my horse pals.

As the sun began to set, we made our way to Todd & Sarah Adkin’s house for the good ol’  after Gold Cup barn party! Again,  Jon and I were excited to show Matt & Marianne the fun hillbilly side of Fauquier, after the day of posh!

What fun we had!  About 10 people jamming out in the barn playing their guitars and singing as soon as we arrived.  After saying our hellos, Adam, Jon, Marrianne, Matt, Kristin, and I went down to have a look at the lovely pond on the Adkin’s property – we all sat there, took in the scenery… and then made our way to start participating in the party!  My dad came by to ply music, hang out and found a few of his friends hang out there too!

Sadly, I didn't get any photos from our Barn Party fun - EXCEPT this one, of Kristin stalking a piggie in the night!

Sadly, I didn’t get any photos from our Barn Party fun – EXCEPT this one, of Kristin stalking a piggie in the night!

Marianne and Kristin were in awe of the farm animals running around.  They followed the barn dogs, the horses and the three little piggies all over the place –  trying to pet or feed them.  We all rode around on four wheelers, Jon and I took four wheelers through the river and back….Todd made a huge fire out of a burn pile, and we cooked hot dogs over it, and got warm, and had more laughs.  Jon helped Todd, once again, set up a still for some moonshine.  In summary,  we all just all had a really great time.  Five hours of getting dirty in the country, after five hours of fancy, highfalutin, posh day at the races!

Eventually, it was time to got to sleep.  We had all had a long day, and made our way back to Longview.  Adam & Kristin already in bed, Marianne & Matt dropped off at the bunkhouse – Jon and I pulled up to them main house.  We wanted to go visit Hambone’s burial area quickly before going up to bed – and that’s when we heard (3 times) the most terrifying noise we have ever heard….. some monster in the woods or something for a sci-fi investigator.  But ….. that’s another story….


Sunday we took our time getting up.  Dawn made everyone Biscuits & Sausage Gravy and Coffee.  All of us gathered in the living room together, eating and talking and hearing funny stories from Jon & Adam’s Dad….. dogs all rolling around and begging for food.

Afterwards, we got dressed and we all headed out.  On our way home we stopped off a my mother’s new place in Jeffersonton and visited with her very quickly. She has a nice basement apartment on a horse farm, with a nice view and a cozy 2 bedroom apartment.  It is close to work, and easy one-level living for her knees.

Leaving my mom’s, we headed back to Fredericksburg to stop by Adam & Kristin’s for a bit – then over to Sammy T’s in downtown Fredericksburg for lunch.  Matt, Marianne, Jon, Monkey and I sat outside and enjoyed our lunch and the weather.

The car ride home was not as eventful as the ride up…. after all we were a very tired bunch.  But Jonathan and I were not as tired as Matt and Marianne, who slept 60% of the way home.

Marianne & Matt Snoozing on Car Ride Home

But when they weren’t snoring – they were singing! It was wonderful!

It was a great, wonderful, fun-filled weekend. I was so appreciative of all the effort
and planning Jonathan put in to it, I was glad to spend some time with friends and family, and I was glad to have those memories! 


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