Wild Fermentation: The Flavor Saver

The Kombucha is doing very well!

I have attempted to take a baby from the mother SCOBY and grow it on its own…. or give it to someone to try to do themselves.

Kombucha Mom & Baby1 - Apr72013 - GratefulStills

The last Kombucha post covered our first attempts at flavors… but we have had a second and more successful round of flavorings!

This time we did a Ginger again, and added 2 new flavors. Limeade & Mixed Berry!

First, I created the Ginger Kombucha following the same method as before: chop up ginger in matchstick-like chunks, drop several in the bottom of the bottle, pour in the kombucha, and seal. We enjoy a strong ginger flavor so we add more than others might.  I read just a few days ago that keeping some air space in your bottle helps to increase the fizziness & lets the flavor come out more in the mixture – so I did that with all three flavors this time around.

Next, I took about 1.5 tablespoons of Key Lime Juice and poured that into the bottom of an empty bottle.  I poured the kombucha in on top of the Key Lime Juice, stirred it up a bit, and then I sealed the bottle.   Again, I filled the bottle leaving about an inch from the top.

Finally, I took some mixed berries (from our frozen bag: couple strawberries, few blueberries, raspberries & blackberries) and with 2 slivers of ginger, a couple drops of Key Lime Juice and a splash of water – I pureed them all.  This made enough to full a bottle a wee more than 1/4th full, and then I added the kombucha into the bottle.  I left about an inch from the top of the bottle before mixing it together and sealing the bottle for the fridge.

After it was all sealed and everything was cleaned up, I put them all in the fridge to set and flavor!

After a few days of letting them sit, flavor and chill…. we tried them out!

All three were delicious. The Ginger we already knew was tasty.  The Limeade was very good, and we commented with the warm weather approaching how refreshing of a drink that will be.  The Mixed Berry was also very light and refreshing – but I think next time I will not include the black or blueberries.  The Raspberries and Strawberries were really the best flavors of that mix with the green tea taste of the kombucha.

At any rate, they were all delectable! 

Yesterday morning, I mixed up some more flavors – I did another version of Ginger, Limeade, and Mixed Berry…. but this time we added a new flavor attempt ………

Spearmint Kombucha - GratefulStills


I am excited to see how that will turn out!  I am also excited to see if the new baby SCOBY does well on its own!

Toodle-Loo for now!


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