In Spring

It has been a very colder-than-usual for longer-than-usual winter season.

Even here in Charleston, where we would have been in shorts & t-shirts by St Patrick’s Day, we have been keeping the heat on and having overnight lows in the mid 30s!
But we had enough of that!
Jonathan & I were wanting to start up our spring & get some plants started.

Fig Tree1-GratefulStills

The fig tree seemed to be forcing her way out of her hibernation, and a few bright
green leaves began unveiling themselves towards the sky.
A little fig bud is even saying hello!
It was a sign we needed to get spring sprung.

Jonathan had brought a grow light to our place from the Longview Farm, and we took a trip to Lowe’s to get another grow light, some soil, and plants. We were excited!

Our little indoor/porch garden assemblage is currently as follows:

  • The Italian Fig Tree that Jonathan’s mother got for us last Spring.
  • The Jade Plant that was a bit from Jonathan’s maternal grandmothers big Jade Plant that he was given at the end of this past Summer.
  • Last spring’s Rosemary that is holding on…. but not making too grand of progress over the last year.
  • One pot of lavender-colored Impatients
  • Two pots of Pepper plant

Impatients 1 - GratefulStills             Jade Plant 2 - GratefulStills

And in one long box planter we have:
        One Basil, One Spearmint, One Cilantro, and One Oregano (the hot & spicy version)

Herb Plants-GratefulStills

Oh, it really is a lovely little collection of plants. I hope they give us plenty of treats and well this year.  Furthermore, I hope that soon we can find a nice spot to grow things well, on some land, and really do it up right!

For now we are blessed with what have. 


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