Couchsurfer Claire

… And now I shall tell you the story of young Couch Surfer Claire….

A request came upon us for a mid-March couch surfer.  A young gal who was planning some travel during her college spring break from her nursing program at Duke University.  She seemed nice, had some similar interests as us, and we were available when she was looking to visit – so we said, “Sure. Come on!”

Claire arrived in the late afternoon of a Tuesday – March 12.  Since she brought her bike along with her, she and Jon took a quick bike ride after she go in; partly to kill about an hour or so before I got home from work, but also to just get a little outside Charleston activity in from her car ride.

When I got home, and while waiting for them to return, I began to do my small flavor tests for my kombucha. When she and Jon came in, we said our hellos – and she and I talked about the kombucha a little bit.  Wonderfully enough, she had also been thinking about growing/making her own so she was keen to see some of it…. and of course as it was my first batch, I was happy & excited to share but I warned her I was new to the process.  I hope she will give it a go!!

But after we visited a little bit, it was time to eat some delicious supper.  Claire is a vegetarian, and Jonathan prepared a very great Asparagus & Orzo dinner…. I loved it!

After our meal, we got ourselves ready for our evening.  Jonathan & I had played to take her our to the Tuesday Night Drum Circle at the Brick House Kitchen.  We always have fun there, it was a nice evening, and It is a great little scene to take people to.

We arrived there, and as it was one of the first evenings since the Daylight Savings, there was a GREAT group of people out enjoying the later light and probably 10-12 people inside the drum circle. They were really doing some great jamming.

38430295Eventually, a drummer came around and handed out some BoomWhackers to those of us watching the performance.  They were fun! Claire & I really liked banging around on the table and chairs to the music!

It was a bit of a chilly evening, and after the sun went down, a little fire pit was lit and people moved in to sit near the warmth of the fire.  We got right up in front of it. 

It was so nice to have a nice crisp evening outside, with the light and smell of a fire pit.  Claire, Jon, and I really were content there. I got a little to comfy and suddenly got warm and sleepy!

SIDE NOTE: This was just about my second week at my new job with this wholly different/strict schedule. I was struggling with the time adjustment of work and daylight savings, so this week was a bit of a struggle for me in being drained – but that warm fire just did me in.

So we went on home, went on to bed soon after — all having enjoyed our evening and getting ready for the next day.

Who is Claire?
Claire is a 25 year old gal who is originally from Kansas, but now lives in Durham, North Carolina.  She spent 2 years teaching English in Thailand. Pretty awesome.  After her 2 years in Thailand, she returned to the US and decided to go back to school. Claire recently moved to Durham to begin her accelerated nursing program at Duke. Pretty cool! Claire loves reading, music, being on her bike, and much more!

Back to the Visit!

So on her second day, I went off for work while Jon & Claire got to spend the  day outside and exploring.  Although it was pretty cold, they went around Charles Town Landing looking at the animals and enjoying the sights. Jon & Claire made Jon’s recipe for Eggplant Cous Cous, and then I came home from work.

After we ate our supper, we all got dressed and ready to go enjoy Dead Night at The our House Charleston.  The Hungry Monks were playing. They are a swell little local band that plays Grateful Dead tunes, on rotation with another band.  All three of us had a fun time dancing!

There are a couple of older audience regulars for the Dead Night experience. It is always great to see them there, reliving the fun of their younger years and being such a tight community!  It just makes you happy to see them having so much fun!

claire&noodlerOne of these said regulars is a fellow Jonathan & I call “The Noodler” for his grand noodle-like dance moves.  As we got into the fun of the evening, Claire decided to go up to the front and join The Noodler in his dance. She and he danced one song together and had a grand time!

There she is with the Noodler… Getting Down!

On the third and final day of Claire’s visit, I again went off to work and she & Jon took the chance to spend time outside and really see downtown (which she hadn’t yet done) on their bikes. They toodled around town exploring and went up to see the view from the Ravenel Bridge.

When I arrived home, we all headed out on foot to walk downtown a bit more.  We went to Tabbuli for supper.   Jonathan & I had never given it a try, but it looked good and had good vegetarian options for Claire.   She had offered to buy our meals in return for our hosting here, which was very kind and we greatly appreciated it.  Jon & I tried the lamb gyros, while Claire went for the falafel. All of our food was very good.  The ambiance was really cozy and we had an enjoyable experience.  While we ate, we chatted more…. Claire shared stories about bugs she has eaten and other travel tales.

When we finished our meal, we meandered our way back home…. Taking the long way and making a stop off at gelato, being silly, doing a little geo-caching, and such.

Claire left the next morning, on the 15th.  Several days late, we received a lovely little postcard in the mail from her with Woody Guthrie on the cover!

Claire Collage

We really enjoyed having Claire visit with us!
She was polite, kind, smart, and silly – all qualities we like in a person!


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