March Madness

March has been mad. Yes, Mad. Frantic. 

We have had a great deal going on this month!  I started a new job with a strict schedule, we have had a total of 4 couch surfers (a group of 3 and then 1 separate surfer), we have had entertained 4 out-of-town friends, errands, shine, kombucha, and more!  Even a family funeral 4 states away for Jonathan to travel to.  Next week, Jonathan is heading out towards the Gulf on a job hunt and will be in a car and getting interviews for several days straight.

Basically we have had a hectic month with commitments coming out the wazoo.

Some days I felt so tired of talking to other people and not wanted to see anyone else’s faces when I got home…. Jon had been helping/entertaining people to much he was drained…. Sometimes we were snippy with each other because we were just worn thin.

Sometimes we realized that we hadn’t been able to keep in touch with people we should have been checking on. Saying hello, asking about their life and health…..

But there has been good sharing, laughing, music, food, and sunshine thrown in there. 

I guess it is a good example of how busy life can get and you forget to appreciate things, no matter how small.  I reckon it is also a good example of how it is okay to say no to things sometimes to maintain personal space or peace of mind.

After all, who wants to resent people or the time you spend with them because you feel overwhelmed.  

If you are going to spend time, effort, or money to do something  or spend time with people, what is the reward if you are not completely present in that moment to make it all work the memory? You can’t leave a good impression or memory behind if you are tired, zapped, grumpy, or hurried….. we lose our connection to ourselves and others.

“The whole life of a man is but a point in time; let us enjoy it.” ~ Plutarch

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


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