“How, Paleface….”

Busy Collage
This past week has been something! 
Busy, Busy, Busy!!
Errands, Guests, Rugby, Music….. and WORK!

After 4 months of being unemployed, and 200 resume submissions & 60 interviews, I finally & suddenly landed a job. I was offered the position and 4 days later, I started!  So, this quick turnaround of having to wake up EARLY and getting out the door on time has been (and will be for a while) the biggest challenge. Getting up and out of bed is always my least favorite thing, but having to do it in the early morning hours again is gonna be rough.

cameraI have been doing a lot of stuff for the grateful stills photography work lately; applications, research, editing images, working on the site, trying to finalize & launch the Etsy store,  photo shooting…. loads and loads of stuff.

Jonathan is trying to get back into the rugby scene here in Charleston. He joined the Charleston Outlaws in their practices this week.  Started to grow some jalapeno plants,  did a lot of cleaning and organizing.  Jon also ran off a batch on his grateful still…. Mango and Honey.  He was very pleased with the result! He infused some peppers into a portion of it, which was really a unique and tasty flavor. Sweet & Spicy is always a winner!

couchsurfingIn the middle of the week, Jonathan received a couch surfing request from some musicians who were coming into Charleston for a one night performance at the Tin Roof.  They were a couple and their bass guitarist.

canstock4312171As is my nature, I was a little nervous at the prospect at first. After all, random rock musicians wanting to crash — this could be an awesome experience or this may end in one of those nightmare “Rolling Stones wreck hotel room” stories you hear about. Jonathan had only been in email/text contact with the female drummer/singer of the band, Mo (Monica), so we went online to find more out about the band.

“Their name is…. Paleface,” Jon tells me as he goes through their Couch Surfer profile to find any links or information.

Paleface!?  Immediately busting into my mind is the classic comedy film of the late 1940s; Paleface, starring Bob Hope & Jane Russell. Then…. to the campy Indian greeting to the white man in old westerns: “How, Pale Face.”

But…. this was not Bob Hope nor a Western.  This was a group of musicians on the road. Paleface (had us call him PF for short), Monica Samalot (Mo for short), and Soren Mattson made up this traveling group. Very nice folks, with very interesting stories to share.

Mo and PF are both a romantic and musical partnership.  Mo rocks out on the drums and does some vocals.  Mo was working as an architect in NYC for many years but went looking for a creative hobby. “So I just said – I wanna try playing the drums with my friends,” she told us at our dining room table.  She decided to try playing the drums for fun and she found she took to them, and really rocked out.  Eventually hooking up with PF, and performing all over the US & some pats of Europe.  She was a little, tiny girl from Puerto Rico with big, powerful drumming talent.

PF has been in the music business since the late 1980s.  He is a songwriter who plays guitar, harmonica, sings, and also the piano & banjo. Besides his musical talents, PF does some great musical paintings.  We saw some on both canvas and drum caps.  Very cool stuff!

There is a good deal of info about PF, himself, on Wikipedia…. you can read it here.  He has worked/performed with bands like The Breeders, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers, and more!

Soren is new to the group. He is a young guy who just turned 21 and wanted to play music out on the road.  PF and Mo took him on to be their electric guitarist and to do vocal harmonies.  Really nice and funny kid.

They arrived about an hour and a half before their show. Just enough time to eat, unwind, and chat a bit before heading off to their sound check.  Jon made a grand roasted chicken and asparagus for them.  We talked about festivals, what they do/their tour, and just a little about us.  Of course, they all loved Monkey; especially Soren who was missing his family dog back home.  They gave us free passes to see their show, and I hoped to get some photos of them to share even though I knew the Tin Roof is not a well lit space/stage.

Paleface, Mo, and Soren play a variety of music – but they are mostly focused on what they call high-energy indie folk.

Now, I will be candid here….. Jon and I looked up their site and some of their tunes and it wasn’t completely our cup of tea.  While they were clearly talented from what we saw online, it just was a bit too hipster for our tastes. We also knew that the Tin Roof caters mainly to the hipster/indies & hard rock up & coming bands.  So we were a bit nervous about seeing their performance.  After all, we didn’t want to seem unsupportive, bored, miserable, or anything.

Cartoon hipsterWhen we arrived to the Tin Roof, so many people came out to here Paleface and the headliner Megan Jean & the KFB.  It was a full house, but it was also a hipster holiday…. a hipster nightmare for us.   Dudes trying to style their beards & mustaches  to resemble the late 1800s… Girls with 1960s librarian-style glasses and dirty mothballed sweaters…. cloves and cigarettes and PBRs… You know the scene….

But as Jonathan and I were cramped into the sea of hipsters, we heard Paleface perform and we were pleasantly surprised!

Paleface 2a - Tin Roof Charleston - March 1 2013  - GratefulStills - websize

Paleface and crew had a lot of positive energy on stage. They had fun performing, and they showed it. The talent, the energy, and the songs really rocked the Tin Roof. They received a lot of good vibes & feedback from the audience.

Paleface 6 - Tin Roof Charleston - March 1 2013  - GratefulStills - websize Paleface 11a - Tin Roof Charleston - March 1 2013 - GratefulStills - websize Paleface 10 - Tin Roof Charleston - March 1 2013 - GratefulStills - websize Paleface 1 - Tin Roof Charleston - March 1 2013 - GratefulStills - websize

We went on home, and they came in after loading up all their equipment and watching Megan Jean & the KFB perform.  

All and all, it was a good experience with interesting CouchSurfers. Cool story to tell, very nice people…. and music!


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