Winter’s Summer Sausage

Jon Blood Hands1

Remember that deer Jonathan got last month?  
Well, I sure do!

One: There is currently a trash bags worth of meat defrosting in our kitchen sink.

Two: We have already, and felicitously, enjoyed some of the meat.

We invited a couple over for supper, and served delicious Backstrap Deer meat with a Mushroom Orzo. It was a savory meal! Jon is a great cook, indeed.

But more importantly, however, was the Summer Sausage we made in the kitchen nearly 2 weeks ago! Oh, boy – Oh, boy! It is so good!

I feel I need to explain a little of our feelings about this topic
before I go on about Summer Sausage….

Jonathan and I are very serious about following the philosophy that any animal we kill (via hunting or farming) is used to its full extent.  God gave us the animals to use, and appreciate and love — not waste or misuse.  I grew up learning that from my parents and grandparents, as did Jonathan.  I am assuming most folks believe that and take this as a  “Well, Duh Sarah!”  Still – I know many who don’t appreciate the kill and people who just assume hunters are just violent rednecks with no purpose or direction.

Deer Heart 1

One deer can give us meat for 9 months to a year, depending on the size. Every time Jonathan shoots a deer, he is deliberate and humane – then thankful and careful in treating the animal well in order to use as much of it as possible.  Meat that is not for humans to eat is made in to ground that we use for dog food. Nothing is left unappreciated. It is respected.

JonDressingDeer Collage

After the hunt, Jon will take all the meat off the deer then we will cut it up, section it off, and then we package it in the FoodSaver. The rest gets sectioned and seasoned for grinding.

Along with all the steaks, roasts, stew meats, and such – we do a lot of sausages.  We made a ton of sausage from the deer that was killed last hunt (Late Fall 2011), and in fact still have a few coils in the freezer still.  We made Maple, Brat, Teryaki, and “Special” mix that Jon made.

This time, I wanted to try Summer Sausage.  Jonathan agreed!

Off to the store we went, and Jon bought the casings and any seasonings he needed.  Then we got our grind on! Pulling the sinew, grinding up the meat, mixing the seasoning, casing, cooking, and storage…. all in one night making 5 good sized (and VERY delicious) Summer Sausages!

PreSummer Sausage Collage

Summer Sausage Collage

The Summer Sausage with Spicy Pepper Cheese, or with a Creamy
German Honey Mustard…. Mmmm Mmmm Good!!

Additionally, Jon made meat sticks for snacking/hiking/camping.  You know, like the beef sticks your dad used to get from the local grocery in town….. those things that looked gross and he would eat them while telling you not to tell you mother he had eaten them before dinner.

In the next day or so we will be pulling sinew, grinding, and casing more sausages!


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