Goals for Home

Things have been in a whorl since Jonathan got off the ship!

Longview Farm - BarnOffice Bench 1After picking him up off the ship in Norfolk, we headed straight to the land of our people…. Good Ol’ Fauquier County.  We spent a long while on Longview Farm; spending time with our families, relaxing in the country, enjoying some lovely snowy days, and hunting.

Beside spending time with our families, we each had two main goals for our visit to the farm: Jon’s was hunting, mine was getting at least one (if not all 3) of the horses to like me.  For both of us it was, as Borat would shout, “Great Success!!”

Prissy, Lizzie, and SophieTwo are the 3 farm Percheron Horses.

Prissy Lizzie SophieTwo - Snow 1

Over the past few years, I have never understood why they have never been outwardly friendly, why they are always running away, and why they are overall just kinda rude. Since we had a lot of farm time coming, t’was my mission to make at least one of them show some interest or trust – or just let me love on them a wee bit. It worked…. but like most pets/animals, the way to their hearts was through their stomachs.

Sarah feeding Horses 1a

I got to feed them nearly everyday of our stay; this was how they first began to be interested in me. With each day they would get closer and closer to me, eventually I had SophieTwo eating from my hands, literally.  SophieTwo got to the point she would follow me and watch what I would do in the yard – even without food.  By the end she would (but on her own say-so) come sniff my head and let me pat and rub on her right side and neck.  By the end of our visit, Prissy let me not only pet on her, but rub her muzzle and hug her around the bridge of her nose! Lizzie is the shyest of the 3, but she would come near me and hold her food bowl while she ate.  I was so happy! I just love animals!!

Prissy & Lizzie

Prissy & Lizzie

Jonathan, his brother Adam, and his friend Scott went out hunting together most days during our time at the farm. Even I got to go out one evening.

IMG_5859AA Sarah Hunting 1b

After many early mornings, sitting out in the snow and cold winds (11 degree weather average), and walking about in the later afternoons – Jon finally got a fair sized doe!  It was very rewarding after all the time and effort put in.

Jon Deer 1Adam and Jon Draining Deer 1

Being back at “home” was great…. hunting, going around the farm, fixing Jon’s motor bike, sighting in guns and target shooting, seeing Snow, feeling our footsteps in the woods and fields, clear night skies of bright stars and Moon….

We love Charleston, but there really is no place like home. 

Snow Flurries off the Barn 1 - SIGN


1 thought on “Goals for Home

  1. I grew up my first 3 years on this farm. I was lucky to meet your mom, Dawn, and dad, Ron and worked for them in the late 70’s doing odd jobs before you guys were born. I am very glad to read your blog and am very proud of you and your families.

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