Day 7 into the New Year – 2013

Hello!  I haven’t written a thing in a while – So on this, the 7th day of the new year of 2013, I make a little entry!

Where to begin? Hmm… well,  December was a busy month.  Monkey the Dog and I traveled to Virginia and stayed there a fortnight. It seemed longer to me, however, as I was driving all over the place the entire time. Add holiday responsibilities and living like a gypsy; made for what seemed a long visit.

All the while, Jonathan was being thrown hither and yon on the seas. The ship hit several bad storms and high winds and waves. He and the rest of the crew were miserable.  They were scheduled to arrive in the Norfolk port on Dec 26. Jon’s parents, brother, sister-in-law, and I planned for a couple weeks for a late Christmas to spend with him once he arrived. But, as a result of the storms holding him up, he was shy of 2 days late to port.

Still, we all got to have time together, good food, and the 4 dogs (Hambone, Monkey, Lilly, and Jaguar) all got to play!

Christmas Tree Ornament - Joy Peace Love 1 - 2012Great things about the trip to Virginia:
1) I got to spend some time with my parents & little brother.
2) I got to spend some personal time with Jonathan’s parents. I learned a lot about them, heard some good old tales from Mr. Ron, and appreciate their kindness to me. I also enjoyed when watching their reactions and blushing when I gave them hugs, especially Mr. Ron. He was so tickled.
3) Snow on Christmas Eve, leading to a White Christmas Morning.
4) We got to see Jon, and he got to see us.
5) Loads of food…. all delicious!
6) I got to spend time with my very dear friend Liz, her husband Kevin, their daughter Kaitlin, and the little baby boy who will be born in a few months.
7) Jonathan got a pile of grand gifts (mainly some car repair he needed), and I got some great ones too (mainly the creative/photography themed gifts that he got me).
8) I got to spend some time with Jon on New Years Eve Day – even briefly. It really doesn’t mean anything, except I have a weird connection to it so… blah blah blah.

New Years Eve, Monkey and I made the trip back to Charleston – singing songs to the top of our voice with the iPod on shuffle all the way along. Okay, Okay — the dog wasn’t singing.  It was just me.

I was in bed early on NYE – about 10:30pm I was sound asleep. It felt so glorious to be home and sleep in our bed – so I celebrated the arrival of 2013 in a cozy bed, snoozing away.

New Years Day was very eventful for me.  I spent the morning cleaning and cooking up the proper New Year’s Day proper foods into a grand meal of Black Eye Peas, Ham Hock, Collards, and Cornbread.

NewYearsDayMeal Collage

I, then, headed off to the Polar Plunge out in Sullivan’s Island, with our friend Windy and her mother. At the Polar Plunge, I was interviewed…. I wasn’t dressed up in any outfit, nor was I actually taking a plunge… but I was interviewed all the same. That’s just how awesome I am.  Furthermore, my interview was a hit!

Plunge Interview Collage 1

Since January 1, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing – and Jonathan is still on the ship aimed for the Azores.  Besides my continued job search, we have been busy on a house search and we are also working on creating a little photo venture which is filling in some time for us.  I will eventually link some things of our pending product to this blog once they are more in order.

And otherwise, Jon & I are respectively counting down the days until his return home in just about 2 weeks –  and making plans for his arrival!  We are getting excited about hunting at the end of the month and gearing up for festival season.

Our Monkey is also having a grand time in the New Year, as I brought him home a grand prize today.  The Bargain bin at the PetCo had a humongous cane shaped rawhide bone. It was $6 marked down from $20.  I had to buy it, and it better last for a LONG time – like the entire year!  Monkey is so happy and proud of his new gift.

Monkey Big Rawhide Collage

So – Happy New Year, after this first week of 2013! 
Love and Laughter to come!



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