A Wind of Thanks

This morning I awoke to an email from Jonathan, sent from the Atlantic Ocean.  Only three days out from leaving the Azores, the ship met with what Jon called “one heck of a storm.”  He said this storm was going to put the about 2 days behind their schedule, as the gale winds were sustained over 40 knots (which is about 46+ MPH).

Must be miserable to be in that!  I mean….. not only seasick but worse then that, the sense of “when will this end” or “get me outta here” would blow my mind.  With every trip out to sea, I am honestly more and more impressed with Jon and his fortitude.  I admire him in many ways.  Not one trip has been like the one before, and there is always some severe or harrowing event.  This time out has really been a dosey already, and now this storm.

As for Thanksgiving, well Jonathan didn’t get one.  The cook on the ship seemed to refuse to make a Thanksgiving meal – or anything even close to it. Plus, on Thanksgiving Day – they were in port working cargo, then back on the water.  Here in Charleston, it was just Monkey and I.

I have a very bad problem — I cannot cook for one. I am seemingly equipped to cook for at least two, with at least leftovers for the next day.  Therefore, I surely couldn’t cook a Thanksgiving meal for one!

I had a lot of food.  I have been eating Thanksgiving meal, or a variation of, for 4 days – breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  I probably have another 2-3 days ahead of me before this stuff is all gone.

Jon had none; I had far too much.  If only the twain could meet!!  We would have both been full, and happy – and not alone. All the same we respectively have plenty to be thankful for – our families, our friends, our dogs, laughter, and all the grand things God has filled our world with.

*Yes, I did dance around the kitchen and living room, singing the below tune on Thanksgiving – and the days prior.*

“I’ve got eyes to see with, Ears to hear with, Arms to hug with,
Lips to kiss with, Someone to adore. 
How could anybody ask for more?
I’ve Got Plenty to be Thankful For!”


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