A View of Ascension

On November 7th, Monkey and I packed up the car and headed to Ocean View, Norfolk, Virginia.  After the 50 some day trip to Ascension Island and back, Jon & his ship were coming into port in near Little Creek, Norfolk.  It was great for me to go there, mainly to see Jon after so long – even if our time was limited. But I also got to get out of Charleston, and visit with some friends.

In mid-late October, Jonathan arrived into Ascension Island. As per the entry Hemispherically Speaking, we were hopeful Jon would get to explore some of the uniquely interesting things about the Island; specifically the Green Mountain & Cloud Forest.

Unfortunately, he was not given much time off the ship at all – at least not enough to go adventuring. However, he did get to go around a little bit of the town and buy some family members tokens of his visit.  It is a small island, with a population of under 1,000 people.  Jonathan said the people there were some of the kindest he has ever met and they seem to be the sort of people who will do almost anything to help a neighbor.  They are all very polite, and everyone was very helpful. Sure, the Americans and British who come there for the bases and slight tourism are welcomed – but it is such a small area, and close knit group that the kindness is there regardless.

Jonathan spent a lot of time fishing for blackjack while on the ship – and they caught a lot of them!  While working on the ship, Jon also took some photos of Ascension. So, I present to you some of Jon’s photos of his time at the Ascension Island!!

Jon took these images from the vessel – a shot of one of his many blackjack fish, some photos of the Green Mountain and Cloud Forest, while they unload their ship’s cargo. The rest are from his walkabout of the town.




It is always very cool to think of all the places there are in the world that you never even think about, let alone know exist at all! ♥


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