Fall in Charleston is completely new to me.
Its actually been a bit of an adjustment for me.  I am not complaining, Charleston has wonderful perks – one being the weather.  But there are just some things that just won’t change in my mind on how I expect them to feel, Fall and Christmas are the top two.

Perhaps being in a new city for the season, here without Jon around, not knowing very many people closely, and being without employment adds to the fall confusion for me.  Still, the past month just hasn’t been true Autumn time to me.

For one, after waiting for pumpkins to be available (later here than in Virginia), I carved a very lovely big pumpkin.  It was on my porch in all its glory for 4 full days. Why, you ask??! Well, because of bugs.  Those gnats/noseeum thingy bugs had totally nested and covered the inside of the pumpkin with in a day, and by day four it was black inside from all the little bugs in there. Completely gross. Completely disrespectful to my fun pumpkin carving.  This is not something I have ever dealt with in Virginia.

For two — these damn bugs in Charleston!!!!  Since mid-September, I have been covered in bug bites, face, neck, décolletage, upper arms…. I mean I can literally see these noseeums fly right up to my face and sting me when I step outside to let Monkey do his potty breaks.  Even this morning, I woke up to find 4 bug bites on my left cheek – all in a row.  Do you know why?  Because I slept on my right side last night, and the left side of my face was wide open for the devils to attack.  Jon and I have been asleep in bed and heard them buzzing near our ears and woken up…. but of course I am that person who always gets bit & stung.

There has also been a lot of slugs.  They have been all over our porch steps in the midnight hours. I had two mini pumpkins out on the porch (to kind of replace my nice carved one I had to toss, thanks again bugs) These slugs, within two evenings, had completely eaten through and ruined one of my mini pumpkins.  Again – it had to go in the trash.

….Other small things, too…  just a lot of  un-Autumn-like experiences….. 

However, in the last 3 days – things have changed a bit. It’s beginning to feel like fall to me.  Suddenly, I have seen the falling leaves gather on the sidewalks and in yards. I hear the crunch of them under my feet as I go for morning jogs or walks with the dog.  There is a gentle fall breeze blowing through as I ride my bike downtown.   This morning I spent a long while sweeping off the porch and the courtyard area from the yellow, red, and orange leaves that weren’t there at the beginning of the week!

The air has been quite crisp, and it has that fall smell is in the air.  You know that smell, right?  Just like when you can smell the rain coming in the summer….

It finally feels more like Fall and Halloween time now.  This is a wonderful thing! 


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