Hemispherically Speaking

Yesterday was a somewhat rare treat, as I got an email from Jonathan.  On this ship, they don’t have much option for communication, and emails cost a pretty penny per – so in many ways receiving an email is worth a million bucks. ♥

Jon told me that they were a few days from their destination, and that the ship he is on had recently crossed the Equator.

My first thought was “Cool!” I realize many folks have experienced more things in life then I have – but I think it is cool to think Jon has crossed the Equator, and for a time he was coasting the seas over the dag-gum thing. Not only that, but here we are exchanging emails from different hemispheres! Of all the places he has been shipped, we have surely emailed or phone from different sides of the world… but never different hemispheres!!

They will arrive in a couple of days to Ascension Island; a small, volcanic island off the coast of Africa. Its very close to the Prime Meridian, and not too far from where the Prime Meridian and the Equator intersect.Year round the temperatures average from the mid to high 80s.  Ascension is a British Territory and first inhabited as such in 1815. In 1836, Charles Darwin visited the island and fell in love with it. Darwin and his friend, Joseph Hooker, performed the first ever terraforming experiment, and the result seems to be the “Green Mountain” & “Cloud Forest”. They took a rock and cinders island and made a bit of an eden out of it.  Pretty dang cool.

Otherwise, it seems there is not much going on on the island. Two restaurants/bars, fishing, golf, and looking at nature are the only activities. The post office is only open a few hours a day.

Jon said he will take some pictures, and try to do some fishing when/if he has enough time off of the ship.  It is pretty awesome he will get to visit such a remote place!  I look forward to hearing his experience there.


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