The Little House

Besides Looney Tunes, the Disney Short Animation films stick deeply in my mind and influence my sense of reference, and good feelings.

Lambert The Sheepish Lion, Johnny Fedora & Alice Blue Bonnet, Ferdinand the Bull, all the Silly Symphonies…. and especially, The Little House.

Oh, the Little House…. it has left such an imprint upon me ever since I was a little girl.  An animated short released in 1952, but based on the 1942 story by Virginia Lee Burton.  A small little house was built on a small hill in the beautiful countryside. She is the home of a new couple, who raises a family and gives her a happy life. Soon, the city lights came closer and closer.  No more quiet beauty and happy memories – just noise and rude city life.

“The tempo of life had quicken. Everything was bigger and ‘better’. For this was
the age of progress,” says the narrator of the short film.  To which the Little House replies, “Here I am, completely surrounded by progress.”

The Little House is so small and hidden amongst all this city, rude people, honking horns, and with her family leaving – she is forgotten. Yet the city continues to “progress” around her.

“Oh dear. What’s to become of me? Will I ever see the sun again, or feel the gentle touch of the summer breeze? Or hear the song of the Meadow Lark?”

Poor forgotten Little House.  Just as it all looks bleak and she is feeling worthless, unloved, and willing to give up – The Little House finds she is being uplifted and transported back out to a countryside, where she is fixed up again and has a purpose again. She is once again loved.

“It wasn’t the end. It was just the beginning. Oh, it took a little time and a little fixing – but all that really mattered was that she’d found someone. Rather, they found her. Someone to love and cherish her. Someone who knew that the best place to find peace and happiness is in a little house, on a little hill – way out in the country.”

So – I could go through many layers of deep thought about why this story resonates so much meaning within my heart, spirit, and mind – and I am sure while reading this you may have your own connection to the story. Still, for the purpose of this entry, I will keep it to the original reason I began this post…..

This Little House……

This is a house that I just love. Every time we walk by it, I say hello and give it a wave. The first thing I connected when we first saw this house was the Disney cartoon.

But this house –well,  it is a hidden little place; tucked away towards the back of its neighboring houses, under a lovely little tree. One might actually not even notice it if they aren’t paying attention. To me, it is just darling.

Perhaps it is my overactive imagination, but I just think that little house is sitting there in its little nook under the sunshine smiling. Smiling, listening to the birds & squirrels in that shady tree, and feeling the crisp air. Happy to be just where it is and to be taken such good care of.  It makes me happy to think it is happy.

A couple times Jonathan has pointed out that as cute and sweet of a house it is, how impractical it  would be to try to live or decorate a long narrow home like it is – and I completely agree with him. But, I don’t want to live in that house. I just want to admire it, and imagine silly things about it.

I don’t know anything about the house; I don’t know the people who live there (although I sometimes see the wife sweeping the front steps), nor the history of the house. Yet, it just looks so darling and makes me grin – and reminds me of a wonderful cartoon short…. The Little House.


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