And Another Good Deed Was Done!

After about a week in the Norfolk Port, Jon’s ship headed out to a Cape Canaveral Port to load up with the cargo for the run. On Monday, October 1st, they arrived and Jon was able to run some errands before they left the following morning.

Unfortunately, Jon had to walk several miles to run his errands: Find a wi-fi shop to do online stuff and go to Lowe’s for spray paint & work items, and a tomato plant, pot, and potting soil.  With laptop in his backpack, he walked to town. After gathering all needed items, he had to walk back, several miles, to the ship on a 90 degree Florida morning.

Quite a bit of weight Jon was carrying back to the ship, and the bag of huge potting soil was heavy enough.  Hoisting it upon his shoulder, and a full weighted backpack, sweat was rolling off of him and making him sopping wet; as though he had just gotten cannon balled into a pool and climbed out.

Crossing over a little road bridge, Jon looked down to see the fish swimming around and noticed a turtle struggling.  Laying down all of his heavy load, Jon shimmied down to the water to see the large, pig-nose turtle caught up in an old bit of fishing line. Google and Wikipedia tell me that this was  most likely a Florida Softshell Turtle. Those suckers can be anywhere from 6″ – 24″ as adults, and can live up to 30 years! Gadzooks!

Yes, That’s one of those buggars!

Jon untangled the large, yet helpless, animal – and off the creature swam. Climbing back up the bank, and still hot in the sun, Jon loaded up his items, and walked the remaining 2 miles back to the port. Sweating all the way home. Most folks wouldn’t have noticed, let alone stopped to sort out turtle trauma – especially with that much load carrying, and on such a disgustingly, uncomfortable, hot morning.

Always doing good, that fellow….. He is the cats pajamas. 


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