Rah! Rah! Rah!

Yesterday was the first official NFL Sunday Football Games of the season, and our Team – The Redskins – played at 1pm.

Jon & I were raised to be true blue Redskins fans, so we Hail for them in good times and bad. The last several years have not been that good for the ‘Skins & ‘Skins fans, but we stuck by them.

When Jon & I started dating a couple of years back, Football was about to start and fall was approaching. The first Christmas we had together, he gave me my very own Redskins Jersey! Ever since then, anytime we watch a ‘Skins game we don our Jerseys (Jon has a old Riggins Jersey) and watch them play – win or lose.

Once we moved to Charleston, we immediately found a bar that played the Redskins games.  Not only that, but it is a short walk from our house!  A neat little hole-in-the-wall sports pub with great food and good people. Moe’s Crosstown Tavern became our go-to place for great burgers, Moe-Hotter Sauce, and Redskins games. So yesterday, we put on our jerseys. Jon grabbed the Redskins beer mugs, and we headed out the door to Moe’s.

This was to be a special Football Sunday for us.  The First Official Season Game of the Redskins, our first visit back to Moe’s for the Football Season, and it was a beautiful  83 degree day!  Furthermore special –  this was our last Sunday together for a while here in Charleston, and it would potentially be the only ‘Skins game Jon would get to see at home this fall – possibly the only game he would get to see & enjoy at all.

Our Lucky Mugs!

As we walked the few blocks to Moe’s, we received a few car honks, waves, and “Go Skins!” from passers-by.  We arrived to find a small table right in front of a screen playing our game, ordered our beers, filled up our “lucky” mugs, and settled in for the 4 hour game.

The special feature to kick off Sunday NFL games at Moe’s was the Krispy Kreme Burger…. Holy Cow!  A neighboring ‘Skins fan ordered it, and it looked too messy and too big for us to get – but my word it was something to behold! Two chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns to a double pattie burger with choice of cheese, bacon, fried egg and all the fixin’s in between them. Sickening, really.

Instead, we opted for the true NFL game staples: Huge Pierogis, a plate of Honey Mustard & Teriyaki Wings, and a big pile of Cheese Fries. The food is made fresh – none of this is Sysco ordered prepacked stuff.  It makes it extra tastey and enjoyable.

It was a great first game!  I mean great.  The Redskins beat The Saints 40-32.  The ‘Skins played very, very well; Something we haven’t seen in a long time.  Great way to begin the season, and a great game for Jon & I to hang out and watch together.  Positives all the way around!

We, of course, have some more bread to bake and things to prepare for his journey, but we surely had a great First Football Sunday!

“Fight on, Fight on — ‘Till you have won, Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah! Rah! Rah!”


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