Making a Mark

I have spend the past 4 hours researching, picking, installing and playing with fonts and images to come up with a signature mark for my photos – as per the repeated suggestion of Jon and other random friends & family…..even Jon’s Aunt Lou! I think it was she who made the last suggestion of it, and I am now doing it after her final say. She is a kind, sweet lady after all!

I finally have a finished product in a few different versions……. and now all I have to do is add it to every photo I want to print and/or sell and/or gift and/or publish.  I should be done marking all photos in… hmmm….. 2015!!    Well – it should be another activity to help pass the time over the next few months.

In Bread Making News: 

Our Bread!
And… my new Photo Signature Mark (Yay!)

I am pleased to report our “Old Orlean Country Store” (I just came up with this name) Sourdough came out grand!  I only baked 2 of the potential 4 loaves from the starter — the remainder is in the fridge awaiting Jon’s return from his training class. I think he wants, and should have, a hand in working the next bread offerings before he sails.

I did a regular sourdough loaf and a roast garlic, rosemary, olive oil sourdough boule. Heavens!! I feel the boule is…. Just Divine!  So delicious, so pillow-y, and the flavor is perfect.  It is my opinion that the loaf is not as good compared to the boule, but it is tough to compare.  Don’t get me wrong, the loaf is still good.  However!  This recipe we used called for oil in the dough, and I have never put oil in a regular sourdough before, so this was a tricky one for me.  I used Corn Oil.  I am not that thrilled with the outcome. I think we will try vegetable oil or sunflower oil next time – otherwise I will only use olive oil.  I am wary of using Canola oil in a yeast bread, especially if we are going to try to freeze/keep the bread for any amount of time.

Why, you ask?

Well!  Canola Oil has a high sulphur content. This can react in baked goods negatively as it can cause the food to go rancid or develop mold more quickly than other oils.  I know that Canola Oil is often advertised as a “heart healthy” oil, but I have read conflicting reports on Canola.  Made from the rape seed, which is high in erucic acid. Canola oil thereby is  potentially blocks/creates a deficincy of Vitamin E (essential for healthy cardiovascular system) and canola can also have a high count of trans fatty acids.   At any rate, my main concern is baking with canola oil as it may turn the bread too quickly.

Jon will return tomorrow, and I hope we create a couple more grand meals and some more wonderful bread together.  We will be watching the first official NFL season game for the Redskins on Sunday, but hopefully good food and fun will be thrown in as well.

These first Orlean Country Store Style Loaves get a Thumbs Up!




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