By Virtue of the Enzymes

Going along with our resolution to make our own breads (or at least the majority of the bread we consume), Jon & I made our first Sourdough loaf last week.  We ate from this loaf using it in some great ways: 1) Paired with Jon’s homemade Baked French Onion soup 2) Thin slices with honey 3) Sandwiches 4) From the ends we made Olive oil & herb croutons.

We were pretty happy with our undertaking – but Jon wanted to try the recipe from an old family acquaintance for Sourdough that his parents used to sell at the little village country store they used to own.  After tracking it down, we began the starter as per their recipe 3 days ago.

Jon had to go out of town for a training, so it was up to me to solider on to the next phase of the dough tonight.  Having not worked with this recipe before, and it being so different than recipes I have worked with in the past, I wasn’t completely sure what I was in for.  Turns out, we have sourdough starter for at least 4 LOAVES!! Heavens to Mergatroid!

Let’s not forget the 2 bowls worth of fermenting sourdough starter, whose effervescent fuses punched me right in the face after lifting the covers off to begin my work this evening.  Holy moly! Sitting there stinking, bubbling, and gassing for 3 days!

But all this stinking starter liquid turns out to be a good thing because we can make a lot at once and hopefully (and successfully) freeze some. After talking on the phone about it this evening, we would like to make a regular loaf or two, some rolls, and a rosemary and garlic olive oil boule.

I am very excited…. Oh, am I ever!

I am hopeful we make good bread, we can store good bread, and share good bread. I look forward to having something to keep me busy in Jon’s absence as he will soon be back on the sea for work – and for quite some time.  I like baking, but I don’t like being the only one eating the wares. However storing or gift giving homemade bread would be grand way to pass some time while Jon is out and not be as big as a ship when he returns!

So as the 2 kneaded bread doughs are rise quietly in the kitchen awaiting to be baked tomorrow evening,  I sit here planning and looking up recipes.  

By the way — Zucchini Bread will be made Friday as a tasty treat for Jon’s return from some training.  Hooray for Yeast and Dessert Breads!  I love the summer, but welcome the Autumn Arrival.


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