Notre premier surfeur Couch officielle était une jeune femme de Toulouse – PART 2

So… After our trek in the flooded streets, our late lunch with cocktails, and chat time – we gathered our things and made our way back home. The rain had let up quite a bit and most of the roads around the restaurant were now flood-free. Well, not waist deep.  At any rate, we looked forward to being able to stay fairly dry and warm for at least half of our walk home. We took about 6 steps out of the King Street Grill door – and then – SWOOSH!!!! Some execrable being drove as fast as he could down King Street to purposefully soak people as they walked on the sidewalks. Deliberately. Rudely.

 Well – wet again — we carried on home.  Once we got in, we all took turns bathing & getting dry. But, it was time for Camille to mark off another “To-Do” from her list: Learn to Dance the Charleston.

Clearing some space in our living room, I pulled up on my most silly and jazziest version on “The Charleston” song from the iPod. As Spike Jones & His City Slickers began whizzing out of  the speakers clamorously, I showed Camille the jazzy little  prance. Shuffling, leg kicks in the Buck & Wing style – teaching her to bounce lightly on the balls of her feet and saying,  “Camille – imagine you are shaking all around like a flapper.” Once she began to get comfortable with that part of the dance, I showed her how to shuffle her hands upon her knees, and wave her index finger in the air.  We put all the moves together and Danced the Charleston.  The last touch was showing her how to do a version of the Charleston dancing as a pair, so I lead her in more silly dancing — Jon decided to leave the room and do laundry.  He had seen enough.

But there it was!  “The Dance called The Charleston, made in South Car-o-line!”

So we had danced and pranced and now it was time for naps until we took Camille out for that Jon & Sarah sort of fun.

After a while we got ourselves together, we headed off to our new find and new favorite Tuesday evening spot, The Brick House Kitchen. The Brick House Kitchen was an old large, lovely brick house that was converted to a restaurant inside, and a hangout hippie fest outside. With car ports and Angel oaks as coverage, settees and tables spread around towards a small stage, and a small garage-like bar – Tuesday night drum circle and Graham Whorley jam is our new scene.  Interesting characters are there, good music, intimate setting, good vibes & beautiful scenery.

Graham Whorley and drummer Sean – rocking a version of “China Cat Sunflower” by the Grateful Dead

With all the rain & floods, there wasn’t too many people out at The Brick House this evening, but there was about 10-12 people enjoying Graham’s jams all tucked into the little tiny bar to keep dry. Having drinks, chats, laughs, and jams – Camille really enjoyed our hidden spot. Partying for 4 or 5 hours, she and I dancing on the only free spot on the floor, Jon chatting with a dead head, and much more fun. Eventually, we made our way home.

Wednesday, I had to go into the office and work a full day, so Jon & Camille (and my brother Jody) went off to the shooting range.  Camille had a great time there, and proudly showed me her “Nazi Zombie Target” when they returned home.

After the range, Jon took her over to one of our favorite Historical Plantations and Gardens, Magnolia.  They choose the perfect time to go, as the previous rains had brought the alligators out and active.  They saw about 8 alligators and Camille was very pleased about that as well!

Now it’s time to fulfill the food part of the “To-Do” list – Southern food & Pecan Pie.

One of the tastiest, affordable, tiny, somewhat hidden Southern Food restaurant in Downtown Charleston is Jestine’s Kitchen.  There is no website to link to, just the menu images below, which tell a bit of the Jestine’s history and some of the food choices.

We sat down and made some suggestions to Camille for what would be good “southern” food to order.  She enjoyed her pork chop, mac & cheese, and southern style green beans. She also enjoyed tasting my Pecan Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Jon’s fried Okra, and the pickled cucumbers.

Of course, true Pecan Pie & Fruit Cobbler – both a la mode – were ordered for our desserts.  Camille loved the pecan pie.  Hooray!

As we got ready to head home, the sky darkened and the rain came down again.  We quickly jumped into a cab, but the streets re-flooded and he dropped us off half-way home.  Not at all prepared for this weather, Camille and I ducked into a parking garage while Jon attempted to run/wade/swim home to get a car.  Within a few minutes, the rain died off a bit, and although it was still flooded in spots, Camille and I found a block to cross, and with purses over our heads, we dashed to met Jon on a drier street.

Returning home to once again dry off and warm up, we hesitated on our other evening plans – in part because of the rain keeping people indoors and not having many others out for the evening, and in part because I was concerned about trying to go out to party and getting stuck behind more flooded streets.

So we stayed in and dry…. Drinking Bavarian Beers, Wine, and Jon’s Ginger & Cinnamon Moonshine.  We introduced Camille to Cheech & Chong movies and the Heavy Metal film.

Perhaps not as exciting of an end to her visit, but a good one all the same.  The next morning, she had to catch her train to head for New York City and then fly home. So we got up and out the door to head for the train station.  As we drove, thank you’s and pleasantries were exchanged. Camille was so happy, and praiseful of her time with us, and we enjoyed hosting her.  In her fragile English she said, “You were right, Sarah, when you said ‘If you liked Savannah, you will love Charleston,’ because it is true. I loved it here. I think it was mainly because you guys were so kind, even in the rains and floods.”

Pulling up and saying our goodbyes at the train station, we left her outside to smoke a quick cigarette and each gave her a hug.  We enjoyed hosting our French CouchSurfer, and our first official CouchSurfer. As much as we enjoyed having her here, we were also glad to get back to our regular routine.

We had a lot of fun with her. It was brilliant to see how regular, even daft, things to us was taken in by Camille in a new and admiring way. She sure made the most of her travels across the USA!

Thanks to Facebook, I received a message just this morning addressed to all her Hosts with whom she felt positive and apprecative towards…. Jon & I were on that list.   So safe at home, and reflecting upon her travels – Camille was a great visitor.  I am glad we made this connection on our life path.

Part of our journey here on Earth is to positively give and share. 


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