The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

Turn them out, knaves all three!

Jon is a very grand chef. He also butchers meat very well, especially the deer he has sacked. He is careful, resourceful, and conserving in his butchering of meat. Never wasteful, uses all he can from the animal – which is how it should be.  He knows the cuts, he knows how to cook them…. or turn them into delicious sausage.


I enjoy baking.  I feel I do fairly well at it.  I would say it comes from my father’s Mother (Maw) and Sister (Aunt Bonnie), as well as my father’s paternal Grandmother (Nana K.)  – But I think my childhood love of Stawberry Shortcake may also have had an influence.

I am surely no artisan cake maker, but I really like baking. Quick & Yeast Breads, Pies, Apple Sweets, Coffee Cakes, Muffins, and the like.

Jon had a craving for a sourdough loaf. He made up a starter, and I baked up the bread from it about 3 days later; it came out very well! (Of Course!!) But then Jon got to thinking, and I quite loved his thought…..

We should resolve to make our own bread(s)!      

YES!! This is right up my alley. I have always wanted to do stuff like this. Be resourceful, make as much of our own things as possible!

BUT! (There is always a but…)

Its hard to keep up and do alone, whether it is work schedule, or other daily events.  Until someone is on-board and wanting to do the same thing along with you, its always just a nice thought, or attempt, which never makes very good headway.

However! We are going to get this train rolling down the track and have a valid attempt.  I am excited!

There is already ideas and visions in our respective, and often combined, brains for resourcefulness, DIY, self-sufficiency, etc.etc. We just need to make them happen.

I am hopeful about this adventure of resolving to be The Butcher & The Baker.  Perhaps all of our other wants can be wound up into the category of Candlestick Maker.

Now…If you will excuse me, I have bread related things to Google….. 


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