Daydreaming – New England

I spent some time this morning online chatting with our friend, Cassie; she and I often check in and chat a bit online. Nonsense, mainly. We chat about nonsense.  Sometimes something deep comes from our conversations.  Mostly… nonsense.

However, we rambled our topics this morning and I came to ask Cassie if she would ever see herself moving from Virginia to New York or somewhere north.  She said, “Yes, maybe not NY, but I definitely could see myself in New England, somewhere…eventually.”

This lead to us rambling further and half planning a New England Town Jaunting Trip.  We decided the Fall would be best for a trip as we had discussed. It was a very grand plan indeed.

And anyway – as I ramble on now –  this chat with her put me to mind of my time in New England.  I have to admit I enjoyed it. Furthermore, there are many places I would LOVE to revisit.

I took a semester hiatus after my first year of college and moved for a summer to Madison, CT.

Madison CT – On the Long Island Sound

I stayed right on the Long Island Sound, and hour & a half from Manhatten and within an hour or two of pretty much everywhere else you would want to visit.  The towns, the way things were spread out, the history, the outdoor lifestyle… I enjoyed Connecticut very much.  Yes, it was a bit expensive. Yes, it was cold and snowed a lot.  But you cannot forget little sweet towns full of character like Mystic, New Haven, Madison, Guilford, Old Saybrook, Lyme, Danbury, Greenwich…. Hammonasset Beach State Park!

Pond at Hamonasett

Mystic at night.

Ah…. What a lovely place it was.  Well, I am sure it still is.

I think the daydreaming chat/trip planning session Cassie and I had was a good one.  Jon and I have daydreamed about exploring into Canada – Prince Edward Island  & Nova Scotia. Perhaps we could add that into the New England Tour as the final destinations.

T’would be a beautiful trip, I am certain. 


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