Anticipation Station

 We are about to host our first CouchSurfer…. and to quote The Coneheads, “She comes from France.”

Camille is her name, and she was meant to arrive Sunday evening, but her train was delayed due to a Tropical Storm Isaac. She is now meant to come in at midnight tonight (Monday).

Jon is very excited about this! He says we will be ambassadors for our country.

Jon loves to host guests, well actually he loves entertaining. Making people feel welcome & cooking for them is something he really loves. Furthermore, he is excellent at it.

We both often daydream talk about when we have a home one day to invite friends and family over and have grand table settings, meals, and parties like you would see in a Southern Living type magazine. Fancy dinners, cocktail hours, football games, holidays… all sorts of things.

It reminds me of throwing Blessing Ways for pregnant friends, where there is a great community of friends and family, chatting, positive vibes for mom & baby, pampering & welcoming – all centered around an intimate, healthy, homemade meal.

So we sit around in anticipation for our First Offical CouchSurfer & Our First Frenchy.

Of course, my mind wonders to weird questions while we wait to go get Camille from the train station….. Will she wear a beret? Will she smoke like a chimney? Will she scoff at our couple wine bottles sitting on the floor that we got cheap from Costco? Will she be offended if we offer to make her French Toast for breakfast?

And as I type I am now thinking…. Even as someone who is/has CouchSurfed, does she get nervous before she arrives in a new town?  Is there any worry that someone won’t pick you up, or lives in filth, or are complete weirdos, or homicidal maniacs?  Perhaps, it doesn’t even cross her mind anymore?

Well… we will shortly see how it goes!

“Boy, those French! They have a word for everything!” ~ Steve Martin



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