Who AAAARRRREEEE these People??!

“Who ARE these People??!” ~Jerry Seinfeld

What kind of person does this couch surfing?  Whelp! We were about to find out!

Jon followed up with a couple who had contacted him on CouchSurfers, looking for a place to crash in Charleston.  Explaining that we were new to the concept of CouchSurfing, Jon told them we really wanted to meet them, chat, and recommend places for them to visit and eat; we just weren’t ready to open our home up on the first round.  It was actually all for my benefit, as I was more cautious then Jon…. as I reckon I am in most things.

Luckily, they completely understood my feelings.

Andrew and Pauline are a young couple, he about 28 and she about 25.  Originally from Kansas, they moved to Tucson, AZ.  Pauline works freelance on-line copywriting, she is aspiring traveler and writer (novels, and such).  Andrew owns and operates an iphone repair company.  However on this travel venture, Andrew and his friend Stuart were in Charleston searching out warehouse/commercial space for Stuart’s company.  They are trying to partner up, Andrew and Stuart, and they are looking for a good town for import/export.  Charleston is a port town and with all its charm, why not look here?!

Stuart grew up in Lincoln (Lincolnshire) England.  He, his girlfriend (whom we did not meet), and their cat (whom we ALSO did not meet), live in Mareham-le-fen (I know!! What a name! He said it was quite rural).  Stuart is the Director of an International School Supply company.

Andrew, Pauline, and Stuart wanted suggestions for “real local food, or holes in the wall” so Jon suggested a local soul food spot, and after dinner we met them for drinks at the Tattooed Moose.

Ahh, The Tattooed Moose… a dive bar we enjoy: booze, good bar food, pinpall machines, and surrounded with taxidermied animals – including a set of baby ducklings.

The five of us found a comfy booth, crammed in with some cocktails – and started our conversations.

Hi, How are you, so what do youuu doooo – and so on and so forth.  Quickly we all got comfortable and chatty.  A loud band began to play and we couldn’t converse as well, so we all moved to outside seats to continue our chats and drinks sans screaming over the music.

Jon and Andrew got to chatting about the bizarre things they have eaten whilst on travels.  Pauline and I talked about Charleston – what it offers, the charm, and the like.  We also chatted about Virginia and Arizona.  Stuart liked Jon’s food adventure tales, and liked that I worked for the NRA – he wanted to chat about guns and laws in US.  Andrew then went through a bit of a talk with me about the positives of the CouchSurfing concept, and attempted to ease my worry through his experience with it for a couple years.  Pauline & Stuart agreed.

We had a very good experience, overall.  The experience was interesting, we had a good/fun time.  It left us with a good impression. My father happened to be in town at the same time.  My Brother, Father, Jon, and I even met Andrew out again the next evening at one of our favorite places – The Blind Tiger.  It was nice to introduce that place to both my dad and Andrew at the same time.

It was neat to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise ever knew existed, let alone hear a small snipet of their lives or their experience in the World.  I liked that idea of it very much.

So whether or not they liked or agreed with everything about us, and vice versa, we all came away with sharing a moment with other human beings!  Isn’t that part of what life’s meant to be about?


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