Couch Surfing 101

Jon and I were having an evening bike ride around downtown Charleston -when he says, “Soooooo, Eh. So … When I went to the Further concert in NY, I was talking with some people and I learned about this website called Couch Surfers…”

He then proceeds to explain CouchSurfing… the site… the concept.

ME: “Oh wow. Well that sounds very interesting!  Of course… well… as intriguing as it sounds, there seems like there is room for trouble or weirdos.   And is it legit??! Safe???   I guess it would have to just be something I would research….”

“Weeelllllll,” he says, “I actually went online and made a profile for it to research it and see if its safe, legit, or even something we might like to get into….”

Jon then tells me about some things he has found out about it, talking with people, and then the sort of feedback he has gotten.

“… And actually there is a couple and a friend of theirs coming in to town soon. I think they would be good to meet up with and learn more about this CouchSurfing stuff.”

I told him that I have some reservations about the CouchSurfing, and probably from being a girl – a girl who doesn’t know many people in a town we just moved to 6 mths ago – a girl whose boyfriend travels FAR and LONG for work – a girl who is generally germaphobic & worrisome…. Oh dear.

Fozzy’s face is how I felt.

So I told Jon I had some worries, and I would really love to baby step into anything about this – but meeting people out and talking and learning from someone first hand would be a good experience.

I began to really think about this whole concept. Who does this?? Who wants to vagabond themselves into who-knows-what sort of home or with who-knows-what sort of people. Ew! Weird!!

Then I thought — how interesting though to meet people, hear tales or experiences, assist someone in learning about your town or stories…. So much potential!

Baby stepping and learning — but we are gonna give it a go.


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